Thursday, February 26, 2009

Concluding Remarks

So many things happen over the course of a few weeks. I write about them and then never catch you all up on what happens in the end. Maybe it doesn't matter. If you don't care to know how some things panned out, quit reading now.


The BIG check is in the mail. I got an email telling me that the person was sorry for the delay, but it was on it's way. Maybe by weekend it'll arrive.

Evidently, sternness works. A______G______ called from the DTA. I've been approved. I can pick up my card at their office.

I called the midwest tech who called looking for info on the ivory key guy. Thought it might be a quick call. I just wanted to give him a couple phone numbers. 45 minutes later, I know the guy's life history! And...he's sending a pile of info on his piano business.

The weather is temporarily improving. It should be near 50°F tomorrow. I saw two chipmunks this week so Spring can't be far away. However, Sunday it's getting cold again and we are supposed to be having sleet and/or snow.

I never found a larger box for those keys that were shipped so poorly. I got creative in my packing and sent them back in the original box. Fingers crossed.

The book, Testimony, by Anita Shreve was a big disappointment. I didn't finish it. I've been reading through books by LuAnne Rice. Too soppy sweet, but they are easy reads until something better.

I walked along the front of our property today. Thought I'd check things out after our neighbor's brother managed to plow over four rocks from our front wall and not bother to put them back in place (Angrily, I had to do it. And he knew he'd done it as he looked out his truck window at the damage.) Anyway, still fighting dog battles. One in particular and I shoveled five huge piles of you-know-what out of our yard and flung them to the appropriate yard. There will be much more to come on that front once the weather warms and our windows are open.

So, there you have it. That's all for now, folks.


elizabeth down the street said...

Always listening, glad to hear the end of the any and all stories!

deb said...

This morning should be a nightmare in the making...I'm heading to Salem to the DTA to pick up my card. I dread the whole thing.

dickiebo said...

Fear not, my child. We shall be there with you - in spirit, of course!