Saturday, April 04, 2009

And I'm Shaking My Head

Spring has sprung. Mr. Revlon is ba-ack! For you non-locals, Mr. Revlon is actually a member of the cosmetic family. Unfortunately, he apparently suffers from something at least resembling schizophrenia. He used to live here all the time. Then he disappeared and I heard that he had been relocated to a group home near Hamilton. He has made several appearances back in town over the last couple years. Our first sighting, this year, at Five Corners, revealed him as more bedraggled than ever. Slighlty heavier, but still with wild man hair and bushy beard and sporting the same turquoise and white jacket from our last year's sightings. Two different shoes. I think he sometimes hires a taxi to come back 'home'.

A couple days ago, I decided that it was time to take the 4 tubes of sand out of the back of my truck. They are in there to increase driving traction in the snow. Each tube of sand weighs 70 lbs. As I slid the first one out off the tailgate aiming to lower the end on to the two wheeled dolly, I dropped it. On my foot. A direct hit on my all ready aching arthritic knuckle just topside of the ball of my right foot. I tried to ignore the pain, the sick to my stomach feeling, and just keep it moving. It succeeded until I got out of bed the next morning! Ouch! I took a look and found a decently ugly bruise. It sort of screams when I put my shoe on even two days later. Tomorrow I get to be on my feet at work for 6 hours. Should be a screaming good time!

Our neighbors have decided to have a large tree removed and their driveway redone. Hurray to both things. But, that, combined with warmer weather and with the neighborhood kiddies on their motorized bikes, scooters, and mini 'cars', we decided to re-declare our ownership of the 'back drive' with PRIVATE WAY signs. Non-offensively small, they are meant only as a reminder to the adult neighbors and a legal deterrent to the kiddies. We don't want any liability for injuries of those who decide to trespass! BTW, I've never seen such a bizarre and involved method of tree removal! Couldn't have made it harder on themselves!

I was gazing out our door yesterday and spotted what appeared to be a large bubble on the lawn. I looked and looked. Could it really be a bubble? It was a clear orb, about 6 inches in diameter. It had a slightly reflective quality. Puzzled, I got my camera and headed out on a discovery mission. As I got closer, I could see a multitude of bright blue fragments 'through' the bottom of the orb. I took a picture, then gave it a nudge with my foot. It is a liquid filled ball with trillions of bits of blue glitter inside. Okay, maybe just thousands. Heck, for a toy, it is wonderful to watch the swirling glitter catch the light in waves and cascades. I brought it inside. It's a 'keeper'. I haven't a clue where it came from, no one had been around between when I had arrived home a mere 5 minutes prior to discovering the ball. Maybe, it was like the flying turkey breast, of years ago, that landed on our deck with a thump. Just dropped out of the sky...
fully cooked.
I'm not lying.


mary said...

You live the most exciting life! A fully cooked turkey? Out of the blue? I love the glitter ball. You live in a verrry interesting neighborhood for sure. After reading the last paragraphs of your blog I was laughing so much it took me a minute to gather my thoughts to comment.

And it is so strange that you mentioned the Revelon heir. Just last week I came to the realization that I had not seen him in ages and I wondered if he was still alive.

Ouch. Sorry about the bruised foot. Do you think you should have it x-rayed? It might be fractured. I hope working at the candy place won't be too bad. Take some ice with you to keep down the swelling.

dickiebo said...

Deb! Have you been at the bottle again. For goodness sake.
C'mon now. Orft to church you jolly well go - and confess!!!! You little sinner!
Revlon. Orbs. Flying turkey-breasts fully cooked. Siggghhhhhh!

deb said...

I speak the truth!

And this is one of the duller neighborhoods I have lived in.

Lest y'all forget...the ghosts, drunks, and disturbed of Lanes....

And yet all the places, as weird as they have been, have been nice, good neighborhoods!

Annette said...

I was thinking the same actually, things always happen to you.
I could not stop laughing as well, in fact, I still am.
Talking of ghosts, I remember reading about that,was it a little boy? how he kept running around at home or something like that. What happened at the end Deb?
Sorry, I seem to have missed that.

deb said...

Hi Annette. Weird stuff happens! I guess being in the arts, I tend to notice that stuff. Also, being relatively poor has the affect of getting me to see the fun in the mundane. Anyway, if you enter the word 'harry' in the search block and click on 'search blog', you'll get the story about our little Lanesville ghost.