Monday, April 13, 2009


Now y'all know the recurring problem with the PRIVATE Way that runs along the edge of our property. Well, in agreement with the "appurtenant" property (the people who are entitled to use the way), I put up two, small, 'Private Way' signs. One on each end of the fence that runs parallel to the way. I very nicely explained to a particular neighbor that it is private and it does connect to the neighboring driveway, not a road, and that we did not mind if the neighbors used OUR portion reasonably (like if the road is blocked for some reason). However, I also added that I could not give permission for anyone (including ourselves) to use the connected driveway. (ed. note: this makes the use, well, useless, as the private way legally just ends, with nowhere to continue except on to the neighbor's driveway, which would be trespassing)

Anyway, the particular neighbor that I was conversing with seems to have taken offense. Now her adult son, who doesn't even live in the neighborhood, has decided to make it his 'out of his way' route of choice. Traveling past his parent's road and drive so that he can use the neighbor's driveway and the private way...long way around. Spite. As far as he knows, I'm ignoring him.

This morning, as I was having breakfast, I spotted one of our darling neighborhood brats riding his bike to school. Same brat that was told umpteen times last year to stay off our private way. So guess what he does.
He just had to make that turn up our neighbor's driveway.
I got up and waited by my window. Knuckles at the ready. Around the corner he sped on to our private way. As he careened past, down the hill, I rapped VERY loudly on the window pane. Wow, what a shocked look on that brats face!

I headed out and put up larger signs. If the brat continues, I'll be speaking to his mom.

At least this turkey knew how to read the signs! This morning he walked across our next door neighbor's lawn and sauntered across the street, through that neighbor's yard, and down to the woods. He stayed clear of our private way even if he did trespass on some lawns!


Annette said...

There's always someone, isn't there?
In my evil mind I was going to say, make a booby trap or something.
Dig holes in the ground but cover them up and then wait for someone to walk or cycle over it and see them disappear into the hole!
Sorry, wicked thoughts of mine!

deb said...

Temptation...however, since we own the property we would be held liable. Drat. Our only hope is that the pavement will deteriorate at a more rapid rate with people driving on it that shouldn't be. We will not fix it and will not allow the town to fix it.

dickiebo said...

Gosh, you're so mean!

deb said...

Yeah, wonderful, huh?

dickiebo said...

'Course u r!!!

Kippers Dickie said...

Do you have turkeys running wild where you live or am I getting my 'birds' mixed up ?
Is it a pheasant?
I don't know if you can read French, but I came across this site the other day. Lots of pictures.


deb said...

Female turkey.

Our neighborhood doesn't have many...yet. In the south end of town it's so bad that they have been attacking the mail delivery people.

A turkey tale story shall follow shortly...............