Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Grand Design

Here's the display for the ivory earrings. The only addition that I have made since taking the photo has been adding a full size, real ivory key top in the blank spot on the upper left. Printed on that ivory is, 'Ivory Earrings $10.00'. It's a bit challenging to construct semi-decent displays without monetary outlay! Just stuff around the workshop. Anyway, with this new display I will, at least temporarily, quit using the mooring piling display for the necklaces and continue with the piano theme. The large miniature grand piano that I used at the Christmas Fair worked well so I'll stick with that. I've gotten together black & white photos (still needing to be mounted) depicting the process of removing the ivory from the piano keys and making the blanks for the jewelry, that will be displayed as a backdrop. Now I've got to construct a reasonably stable, yet lightweight and easily transportable, backdrop! It never ends.

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