Wednesday, June 17, 2009

54 and Counting

As of June 18 that is. Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear me - eee, happy birthday to me (and dickiebo and Paul, too)!

I'm still awaiting my computer so that I can get back to some fun online. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with y'all. This little laptop is just frustrating to work with and at times it takes over a half hour just to get things running and connected to the Internet. My computer was ready to pick up last Friday, but then I decided to have more memory added. Wish I could get some added to my brain!

Weirdest thing has happened. Work has picked up. Very strange. Keys coming in, tuning calls above average. Must be because I want to take a few days off next week during 'A's vacation.

Oh yeah, as of tomorrow I'll be double 'A's age.


dickiebo said...

Happy birthday, Deb.
54! Ha, ha, ha! Who're you kiddin'? I know that you're my age! (Runs for cover!)

Kippers Dickie said...

Singing "Happy Birthday" to yourself sounds a bit sad to me. Was there no one to join in? Now if I'd had known earlier I could have sent you a
'Singing E-card'.
Many Happy Returns anyway.
Hey!.... I didn't think ladies revealed their ages?

deb said...

Ah well, doesn't seem to matter whether I reveal my age, I'm not believed! lol.

Birthday events start soon. Work this morning, then lunch out, presents, and cake. Don't know as I want these folks to sing!

mary said...

Happy Birthday, Deb. It gets even better!

Have a great year coming up. I am sure you will remember to use your Ellen's b-day discount!

Have a great day.

deb said...

Thanks, Mary, I certainly hope it does!

Annette said...

Happy birthday, and a birthday present for you!
I would like to nominate you for an award.
Please see my blog.


deb said...

Thanks, Annette. On my way to a tuning right now, so I'll stop by later.