Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting Rolling

Today is a bit of a catch up and prepare day. Lots of little stuff before we leave for the 'other' Cape tomorrow. We'll only be gone overnight as I've got a tuning on Saturday morning and keys due to arrive today. So, I must say that business has been picking up. Several new tuning customers within the last couple of weeks and key work is growing, as well. Between trying to aim for nice weather for our Cape trip and working around working, it's been difficult. The weather has been Lousy with a capital L. We have only had three days of sunshine, so far, in the month of June! Very unlike us.

I meant to post this picture for Flag Day, June 14, but I was dealing with the laptop and couldn't.You can count it as my Independence Day photo, too. Just trying to get a little ahead! Hmm, this copy seems a bit dark compared to the original.

As I mentioned several posts ago, Squirt, or son or daughter of, has been coming 'round again.We are no longer providing peanuts, though. Squirt started bringing friends. First with one which wasn't so bad. Then three. Okay, that was getting to be too much. Especially when they started attacking the glass door trying to get in! Bad Squirt (and friends). No more nuts for you.

So there's a start on my updates. Oh yeah, there should be another oil painting appearing in the sidebar slideshow. May take a bit for it to show (don't know why that happens), but it is loaded in to the Cellar Studio at Flickr.

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