Friday, June 05, 2009

Pretty Here, Too

Well, the Moseley's may have created some fabulous gardens in their day, but 'black thumb Deb' can grow pretty things if she so desires! I'll be spending some time updating a few things around here...maybe. I need a new book for the sidebar. Problem is I haven't read anything worthy recently. I may resort to 'previous to blogging' reads that are worth the mention. I should post my birthday list...but most of you don't need to read it. Make that all of you don't. I still have some more Moseley stuff and there should be a new venture in upcoming weeks concerning "The Countess". I need to do some real writing, article for "The Reed Organ Quarterly" about the Thacher Island organ. I need to get out there, first, to check on it's survival of winter. Given only Wednesdays and Saturdays to catch the boat to the island has proven elusive. Work and weather haven't cooperated.


Kippers Dickie said...

What's this 'black thumb' Deb ?
Don't tell me you hit your thumb getting that pianola apart!
Or am I being a bit the opposite of a 'green finger'?

They look fantastic.
I can't get Iris to grow here...the yellow ones you can see on my pictures are water Iris growing in the ponds.

deb said...

Well, green thumb. Anyway, you got the idea. Anything that I grow successfully has to thrive on neglect!