Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Do I Ask For It?

Do I have a hand-scrawled sign on my back that says "Kick Me"?

First delightful story (tongue firmly implanted in cheek)
As most of you know, I rebuilt a Victorian period reed organ for a local doctor, who then donated it to the museum out on the island. I offered to check on the organ at the beginning of each season, particularly after it's first winter unheated, and make sure that all was well with it. Well, the weather hasn't been very cooperative for making the open boat trip, but now that the sun has decided to shine once again, I called to reserve a spot on the boat. I explained to the volunteer in charge of that scheduling my purpose in desiring a trip out. She assured me that the organ looked fine. I explained that I wished to check it's functioning after being left out there all winter. That there may be some problems to be fixed (no charge). Her reply was that only one light keeper played it and she was out there this month. She hadn't complained so everything must be fine, or more likely she hadn't had time to bother with it. The scheduler suggested I try to go out in September.

I'm done trying. I tried to get a boat ride out this past Spring. I talked to her about it during the annual meeting. Still put off. So...they can call me if they need anything, they can have an expensive reed organ that looks pretty but ceases to function...so typical of public collections. I don't think that I'll be sending my donation next year. I'm a member and can't enjoy any of the benefits that are available.

Second delightful story (may choke on my tongue)
Note: I've deleted the second story and pending it's outcome, I may republish it. It involves an inappropriate, public, outburst directed towards me by a local, uniformed official. It's totally unrelated to story number one.


mary said...

Hey Deb - how can you leave us dangling, wondering about the second story!!

The first one is outrageous Have you reported this to the good doctor? What is their problem?

Kippers Dickie said...

I find it happens a lot with some museums.
They just seem to want static, cold, lifeless items that look good.
However there are a number of museums here, usually run by volunteers, who make sure that everything on display works.
I expect the museums that fail on this, cannot get the right staff to play, operate or even understand the items being displayed.

dickiebo said...

Oh dear, Deb. What ever have you been up to? I used to support the police until the local cops on two separate occasions acted like complete ass-holes. Since then? Nowt. Let them get on with it.

deb said...

Wow! What a response.

Mary, I haven't a clue why these folks are like this. The dr. knows and basically gives a 'whenever you get to it'.

Bernard, I suppose it's really not my concern. The dr. that donated it thought it would look appropriate in the parlor of the keeper's house and would be great entertainment for the volunteer keepers during their month long stays. So, in the grander scheme of things on the island, it's maintenance is irrelevant...even though it's offered free.

Dickiebo, contrary to your evil thoughts (lol), I was merely being courteous and still caught a wrath of words!