Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Week Flies

I had commented earlier that I seem to be missing out on summer. Okay, missing out on most days. If I'm not working, I'm doing for either 'A' or my mom or some intrusive nuisance. So I'll have a look at what has happened so far this week and what is upcoming.

Sunday was work at Tuck's. It was extremely busy and I was glad to get home and put my feet up. But wait, Mom wanted some garden landscape timbers moved before I ate my dinner. I was so tired I honestly can't remember Sunday evening after that.

Monday began with a visit from a local police sergeant. He called first and set up a convenient time. He was ON TIME with his visit. He left us some paperwork to fill out about an unfortunate incident that I had reported last week. Then it was more work in the shop and off to Tuck's to work for the afternoon and evening. The young man that I was working with was absolutely useless. Not his usual mode and I was getting very annoyed with him. A customer actually came back in to the shop and told him that he had been treating people rudely. I stayed out of that! It was busy again until just before closing at 10 p.m.

Tuesday I finished up a set of keys, went to the bank, the grocery store, and to ship the keys back to Georgia. I was home by 11 a.m. and sat with Mom while we filled out our police paperwork. A furniture re-upholsterer came to Mom's to give her an estimate on repairing my dad's leather chair. I had to be there for that. More keys arrived so my afternoon was spent working on them. I may have watched some TV on Tuesday night, but honestly I can't remember! Drove 'A' to work and picked her up.

On Wednesday I had a morning tuning job. The tuning went fine. Had a few minor adjustments to make for a couple sticking keys. The customer showed me some furniture alarms. What? Cute high pitched alarms that are about the size of a cigarette pack. You place them on furniture such as a sofa or chair. Why? They are a very sensitive motion detector that sounds when a cat (or dog) tries to get on the furniture. They even sound if a cat tries to knead on any part of the furniture! Scares the daylights out of them and sends them running! Called the sergeant to let him know he could pick up the paperwork. He was off that day. Hmmm, novel idea, a day off. More shuttling 'A' to and from work and much more work on keys. Watched "America's Got Talent" in the evening. Well, sort of. I was reading blogs and a book during the show.

So, today is Thursday. My friendly Sergeant called this morning and asked when it would be convenient to stop by and pick up the paperwork. He came by the workshop and asked a lot of questions about the key work I was doing. Nice guy. 'A's work called asking if she could be in early to cover someone's shift so instead of 3 pm she had to be there by 11 am. At least she'll be out in time for supper. Worked on keys all morning and early afternoon. Mid afternoon Mom wanted company on her trip to the upholstery place. She had to confirm that she wanted the work done and that the color of the leather was a close enough match. An hour or so later, I was back home in the workshop. I'll be picking up 'A' shortly and then having a decent dinner. Tonight I hope to relax a bit although I'm hoping to get started on a letter to the Chief of Police complimenting the sergeant.

Tomorrow morning I'll be finishing a set of keys and maybe getting them shipped. Also I'm hoping to get to town to the Old Sloop Fair and see what kinds of stuff they have at the silent auction. In the afternoon I've got to drive my mom to a Dr.'s appointment in Salem. She doesn't want to find the place by herself. 'A' has the day off!

'A' has Saturday off, as well! I know she's hoping to be able to do SOMETHING. All depends on how much work I've still got pending. Maybe Skip's for lunch.

And so it goes....

The current 'keeper' out on the island called me on Wednesday. One key on the organ is sticking and she thinks she may have broken something in the swell linkage. The Dr. who donated it told her I had been trying to get out there to check on it. She said that they had both decided, if I was available, that room would be made for me on the boat on Wed. 29th. Since it worked in to my schedule, I agreed. She said that she would contact the woman in charge of the scheduling and get back to me.
So I got a phone call from the scheduler. She acted like I'd never been in touch with her about this! (Only three times!) She said she would try for the 29th but wouldn't know until the Tuesday, the day before. She'd call me on that Tuesday and let me know, she said. What are the odds?

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