Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Temporary Upturn

in the weather! And just in time for the Fourth of July celebrations in town. 'A' had been spending several evenings talking on the phone to her friend 'A' who lives back in Florida. This 'A' promised some pictures of our annual Independence Day (or night, more precisely) bonfire. First, the three of us decided to do some bookstore shopping on Thursday afternoon. Mom bought, 'A' bought, and silly me forgot to bring my list of promising reads...so nothing for me. We decided to stop for dinner at Ellen's Harborside and afterward to go take a look at the bonfire construction. It had rained hard on Thursday afternoon, but by the time evening rolled around, skies were clearing. Here's our volunteer department hard at work piling shipping pallets for the fire. Many years ago, the bonfire was constructed from railroad ties, but now the ecology types frown upon burning oil and creosote soaked timbers, especially on the beach!
'A' had to work on Friday and I drove by Back Beach, camera along, to check out the progress after dropping her off at work. The pile was set to go for Saturday and as you can tell the weather was much improved!
Everything was set for a good Fourth. 'A' was scheduled to work early so she would be able to attend all the festivities. This rarely happens. My mom had some friends come to visit for lunch. At Ellen's, of course. Defying all odds I actually managed a parking spot on T-Wharf on the busiest day of the tourist season! We couldn't believe it. I pulled down the wharf with the intent of dropping everyone off in front of the restaurant and just as I was slowing down, it happened. A car backed out of a slot right in front of me! Yippeeeeee! (Truly, unless you've tried to park here on a summer day you have no idea how astounding this is.) Lunch and then socializing finished around five o'clock when my mom's company left for home. Mom, 'A', and I loaded the car with folding beach chairs and jackets (even though it was in the mid 70's you just never can tell). The plan was to drop my mom off to get us a good parade spot, forget about trying to park, drive home, leave the car, and 'A' and I would walk back to town. Reverse it after the parade. As we neared the bottom of the hill, I suggested that I just try the wharf...haha. And there it was...an empty parking space! AGAIN!

Rockport's parade is always fun. Several bands (even the Legion band did the route twice. Start and finish. Silly.), the (semi) synchronized lawn chair brigade, a steel drum band, two bagpipe bands, floats (including Tuck's), dancer's performing a Michael Jackson routine, our church's summer camp participants, fire trucks galore from near and far, and many more things I've temporarily forgotten! It all progresses to Back Beach and the bandstand for a concertand then the bonfire.

A fantastic Fourth of July!
A summer Friday and Saturday to enjoy, and still more great days on Sunday and Monday when I had to work. Now, of course, it's back to rainy and cool. Summer isn't supposed to be like this!


dickiebo said...

They're great pix, Deb. Please convey our appreciation to the photographer! Well done you!
Sure looks a great place!

deb said...

Thanks (blush). There's more but I didn't want to bore everyone.

dickiebo said...

Why? Turning over a new leaf! {Ducks very, very, quickly!)

deb said...

You best watch out for what can be found under those leaves. Especially since it has been raining so frequently.