Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mainly Moseley

Well, we're finally in to July and guess what? It's still raining. I think we had a total of 5 days in June that could be considered sunny. My body is rusting. And it was chilly enough that we had to turn the heat on, today. IN JULY! Some things truly just aren't fair.

Still, they say that we are to have nice weather for the Fourth of July and also for the week that follows.

'A' and I walked down to the old gate keeper's house at the Moseley Estates. Yep, we did it in the pouring rain. I just have to get out and do stuff regardless of getting wet. I think this place has possibilities. Don't you? I'm serious. I'd love to get in and get busy fixing this place up.


I've finally read a book deserving of note in the sidebar. Dewey doesn't have the potential of outstanding literature like some of the others that I've placed there, but it is a wonderful tale of the life of a library cat in a rural Iowa community. You just fall in love with this guy.

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