Friday, July 16, 2010

Nearly Perfect Day, Part I

Thursday was a nearly perfect day. It was one of the few times, when attempting to do things together, that no one in this household was grumpy, cranky, or sulking at some point during the day. I'm never any of those things, of course. Okay...sometimes I can get cranky. I admit it.

The three of us spent the majority of the day at Canobie Lake Park, in Salem NH. And just to rub in what a fantastic place it is - I took pictures. Y'all are going to have to endure several posts, I expect, that include Canobie Lake pictures.

So off we go..........the first ride ALWAYS is the 1903 carousel equipped with the 1922 Wurlitzer organ. We all rode. roundandroundandroundandroundHere's mom just ahead of me.And here's the Wurlitzer.Straight from the horse's...rump.

Our second stop was at the Yankee Cannonball.We did not ride this wooden roller coaster.Been on it three times, never to do a fourth. Nope, not me. I don't mind speed. I don't like being dropped from extreme heights!

Canobie Lake Park has some cool food joints like the hot dog stand (mom and 'A' sitting and posing). and the popcorn hut.

In my next post you get to see more of the rides that we did and didn't. And later, still, the bizarre ending of our day.


scribbs said...

Does the carousel have hand-carved wooden horses? None of that plastic stuff for me....

I've seen carousel "horses" modeled on rabbits, tigers and other animals, too. Very cool, and now all too rare.

deb said...

My guess is yes. I really didn't think to check them out, but Canobie Lake Park has had a long tradition of preservation. There are some other animals, but I didn't have chance to photograph them. Darn teenage attendant wanted everyone moving along...(which meant he got a bit impatient with me hanging about taking photographs)