Monday, July 19, 2010

Nearly Perfect Day, Part III

Please scroll down and read Parts I and II, if you haven't read them.

The scarecrow sent us further into the park on our journey. Next on our list of okay-we'll-try-it was the Psycho Dome. No pictures of that because the ride was enclosed in a pretty ugly geodesic dome structure. The Canobie Lake Park web site touts it as the ultimate in a Scrambler ride. I've ridden the Scrambler many times. Most carnivals have them. We approached the doorway where there was a sign posted. Caution, this ride uses strobe lights. Any persons with heart conditions or epilepsy should not ride the Psycho Dome. Okay, this is getting interesting. Not so sure that I know what I'm getting into here. Did it really say Scrambler on the web site? Well, not so great on the strobes, folks. It was dimly lit inside the dome and it lost all strobe effect. But I do have to say, the Scrambler, inside a structure, is one thrill of a speed ride! Being flung toward a wall does something that exaggerates velocity perception. I loved it! Except that slightly disturbing clunk of a worn bearing every time our 'car' abruptly changed direction.

We wandered the park for a bit, down by the old dance hall and roller skating rinks. The huge swimming pool has been replaced by a small water park. Way too crowded to be fun for an adult. 'A' and mom posed in front of a rather large statue of Michael Jackson. The two theater performances for the season would be impersonators of Michael Jackson and Elvis. Pass on that.

We found a giant rocket!I made 'A' and mom pose as astronauts!

Then we rode the giant ferris wheel. It's a new four-seater and just doesn't do the over-the-top stomach flipping like the old ones. Drat. We passed the Dodgem. No takers. We finished as we began (at my insistence), with a carousel ride.

We love Canobie Lake Park! I could go and just ride the carousel. I could go and just watch all the rides and the people.


scramblered scribbs said...

If I were building carnival rides, worn bearings -- and loose fasteners -- would be designed in. Also, I'd make sure as much as possible was made of plastic. It's easily cleaned...if you know what I mean!

Where have we seen a rocket like that before? Great minds, thinking alike; do you have a future working for amusement parks?

deb said...

Man-of-many-spins Scribbs - When I saw you had commented, I remembered that I forgot to mention the Tilt-a-Whirl. Oh well. I would have a blast designing stuff. Don't want to actually work there. Just play. And no test piloting, either!