Monday, July 26, 2010

Out the Side

The morning ritual has become coffee and toast at Mom's end of the house AND feeding the Bubbas, our bluejay family, peanuts. More recently the Bubbas have been joined by a distant relative, a blackbird. Squirt no longer visits as we have spent some weeks trying to discourage him. He got far too demanding. In his place, however, is Chip our garden chipmunk. Chip has been taking every opportunity he's found to sneak through the fence and 'steal' peanuts from the Bubbas.

This morning we had a new visitor. Another squirrel, definitely NOT Squirt, as this little guy wasn't at all interested in the handful of peanuts that I had just thrown out on the deck.This straggly one looked like he had gotten into some bad berries.He staggered along a bit and then stretched out for a nap.5 minutes later, a scratching episode, nearly tumbling off the fence, then settled down for more napping.Moved along the top of the fence, scratched, more napping.Came right up to the corner and peered at me through the ficus tree, (can you find him back there?) turned around and scratched, then more napping. This went on for the better part of a half hour before mom had decided enough is enough and scared him off. The rest of our morning crew needed time to get more peanuts.

Today was a gorgeous day. Breezy, warm not hot, and sunny. A perfect day NOT to do work. And I didn't. Well, no work, but I can't do nothing without someone to do nothing with, so...I did something. I baked cookies. Peanut butter ones. And just this moment it has occurred to me how weird that is considering this post.

The stained glass window at the top is located in a door at St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Rockport.


mary said...

Oh,nuts! Tried to think of a brilliant comment but the mind is blank. :-)

deb said...


Uncle Bernard said...

Hi Deb,
I spotted this today in UK press.
I thought it was a spoof....but in Holland they serve bottled beer from inside a stuffed squirrel!
A whole new meaning to 'squirt'?

How sick can some people get?

deb said...

Hi Uncle B! Saw a TV spot on that. Not my taste! Actually, I do find it on the offensive side of things.

dickiebo said...

Do you find that we get more prudish as we get a little older?????
Chortle, chortle!

deb said...

Ummm, no, less.