Saturday, July 03, 2010

Walking Again

Being as I think you all deserve better than the last post. I'm covering it up with another rather than deleting it. Well, you'd never know how lousy it was if I deleted it, would you?

Today was a two walk day. We're cramming because next week is forecast to be in the 90's - all week. Humidity plans on being up there, too. I put a small air conditioner in our living area, but the fun I had doing it is another story.

We were getting bored with the usual paths and ventured more out toward the headlands this morning. We don't often walk that way and there were some pretty surprises along the way. This evening we walked in town and along the beaches.The pile is all set for tomorrow night's bonfire. I guess too many years of outhouse-on-the-top have depleted the town's supply of real outhouses. The newbie made to look old doesn't quite have the same atmosphere. It was almost dark by the time we decided to head back home. I enjoy walking as night approaches.Everything looks so different.

Tomorrow's walk will be in the annual Fireman's Fourth of July Parade.


Port-O-San Scribbs said...

Have to say a new outhouse made expressly for the bonfire isn't likely to have the same, shall we say, "atmosphere" as one that has been around for a while. Probably less unpleasant when put to the torch, though!

Note that I know little about firing outhouses. Or tipping them over.

deb said...

Well, this one didn't seem to ignite quite as rapidly as those from the good old days. And last night, the breeze that carried the lingering odors of the celebration smelled just like... plain old wood burning (mixed with some black powder of the illegals launched by richer-than-me folks).

Big Bang Theory scribbs said...

What? Your town doesn't allow people to buy and set off fireworks? Dang, how dull...

deb said...

Our STATE does not allow it!

Not that it seems to matter.