Monday, October 04, 2010

Humor for a Gray Monday

Thought this was cheery fun.


keyed-up scribbs said...

A little vodvil for a Monday morning. Wooohooo!

Art Tatum they ain't but Harpo and Chico were pretty decent musicians.

Actually, magical! I'm amazed that they made the pianna sound like a small orchestra at the end....

That was a funny, funny bit!

deb said...


Watched a few others, but this one was just right for today.

Bernard said...

Loved it Deb.
You have good taste.

Had to smile though.
Your Rockport Harbor camera lens was covered in rain spots! :)
I always take a peek to what "glorious weather" you get over on the other side of the pond!

deb said...

Not so glorious...cold, damp, windy.

Sounds like the last time I was on the other side of the pond!