Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things That...


in the night.

It's that time of year.  Harvest Fest...didn't go.  But the town did dress up with some scarecrows.  Here is one display.

outside the ice cream shop
'A' and I have been walking just about every night and all sorts of creatures have been out there.  The scarecrows, of course.  One of which sort of took us by surprise.  Even made us cross the street thinking that it was a real, rather questionable character.  Yep, it's that time of year. 
leather shop gets scary

On another night time walk we discovered a skunk scooting the edges of the main road on Bearskin Neck.  I tried to get a photograph but the flash couldn't handle the distance and I really didn't want to try to decrease the distance.  No way.

My favorite display was a portion of one.  I didn't like the full scarecrow-y thing that one of our shops had out on their porch.  It was rather poorly executed.  But I did love this part.
on the porch in front of Willoughby's

There are lots of pumpkins and orange lights.  Halloween is getting to be too decorated.  I like saving the big time lights and all for Christmas.  Others think otherwise obviously.  Right about when we got to this display on Main Street two bunnies ran across the sidewalk in front of us.
orange glow on Main Street house

We've been enjoying the night walks.

full moon over the harbor with Motif #1 at far left and the end of T-wharf middle to right


always-in-costume scribbs said...

Hallowe'en decorations are rare in my neck of the woods.... Mainly it's just political signs (ugh) in yards, which can be pretty scary too, I guess.

Given the time of year, I have to wonder: could what you saw in your stroll have been a rabbit or muskrat in a skunk costume?

Love the photos...especially the harbor view. Makes me want to be there!

deb said...

Hahaha...more than you realized when you wrote your comment.

"BUMP" is a politician. I photo'ed her sign and did a bit of messy selective cropping.

Bernard said...

I fancy a go at 'selective cropping'.
It sounds like something
farmers do. :)
How does it work?
Do you progressively nibble away at the bits you don't want?

deb said...