Sunday, October 03, 2010

Stuck in the Past

It has very little to do with the photo of the front end of a Crosley.  The only thing relating the two is that I saw the Crosley on the same day as the following happened.

Skip's, our favorite burger and fries (Susie-Qs) joint is closing for the season today and since 'A' works today and we couldn't go, we went yesterday.  Actually, as we found out last year, dining there on closing day isn't good.  They run out of all the good stuff.  As it happens, yesterday they were out of both vanilla and coffee syrups.  We had to get black & white frappes instead of our favorites of either...yeah, vanilla or coffee.

But that's not what this post is supposed to be about...

We ran a lot of errands on our way to Skip's.  The timing and locations of those errands resulted in a trip up I-95 getting off at Rte. 113 to head into Newburyport.  Mom wanted to stop at "Oldies", an antique and junk shop. the exit and on to Rte. 113 east.  It starts as a four - laner (two each way) and after a couple traffic lights becomes High Street with one lane in each direction.  Now at this point I must say that there are the two opposing lanes each flanked by a bicycle lane, then on-street parallel parking.  As I was driving along that section, I heard a horn blaring.  What the heck?  Where was that coming from?  Then I caught a glimpse of a little Hyundai passing me on the the bicycle lane!  NUTSO!!!  She, yes a 20ish woman, scooted that car right in between mine and the car I was so nicely following.  I couldn't believe it.  As we continued down High Street, Ms. Hyundai kept pulling ahead to tailgate the car in front and swerving into the bicycle lane like she was trying to pass them as well.  Finally, with a long blast of her horn...she did it again!  By now we had memorized her license plate...just in case.  I'd love to post that info here...probably shouldn't so I won't. So now the line up working from back to, the second car she passed, Ms. Hyundai, more vehicles.  Then the second car she passed turned off High Street and I found myself, once again, behind Ms. Hyundai.  We eventually came to a stop at the traffic light at the top of Market Street.  Ms. Hyundai couldn't sit still.  Did she have some high energy rap music playing in her car?  She was bouncing all over the place.  The light changed to green and we were all off again..Ms. Hyundai swerving behind yet another vehicle.  I'd gone far past our destination and needed to turn down a side street and backtrack so I have no idea what eventually happened or where Ms. Hyundai finally went.  All the time we were hoping for a police car and there was not one in sight.  Never is when you want one, is there?

But what I'd totally forgotten, and what prompted the title to this post, is that among the three of us in our car there were three functioning cell phones.

Yep, we should have called her in.


scribbs, wannabe Charles Bronson said...

There have been times when I've encountered a "Ms Hyundai" -- they are common in Los Angeles! -- and, if I happened to be driving an SUV, felt an almost overwhelming temptation to stick a bumper right in their paths.

It's what the stock car racers used to call "usin' the chrome horn."

Sometimes, shouting, waving (with specific gestures) and even calling in the plate number isn't enough...ya just gotta get revenge!

Aren't you glad I wasn't there yesterday?

dickiebo said...

Your next outing for a meal?
"On Thursday, October 14th, the Inns of Rockport, in conjunction with Roy Moore's Fish Shack, have scheduled a fundraiser, with proceeds going to support two organizations: Rockport Festivals and the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce.

The Fish Shack restaurant will donate 20% of receipts from every meal at the restaurant for both lunch and dinner. It's a great opportunity to come downtown and eat a great meal in the company of friends and neighbors - all while knowing that a generous percentage of the cost of your meal is supporting community events like Motif No. 1 Day and HarvestFest."

deb said...

"usin' the chrome horn'? I wanna shove it with the armor plated tank...then finish off with trackin' right over her.

We might be scary together!

Alas, I was driving mom's Rav4.
I will not be attending the fundraiser. I don't do fundraisers for things like the C. of C. who want $350 plus my time to join, nor the festivals as I generally volunteer for some of their events anyway. Besides, last time I dined at that establishment the food was horrendous, I nearly froze to death, and the service was minimal.

Of course, you had no way of knowing those things!

mary said...

What I love is the photo of you taking the picture while A looks on. Where was Mom? The photo of the car shows the "present" as well as the past!

deb said...

Mom had gone in to get sugar for her tea.

Hadn't thought about the past/present aspect of the photo. Good one, Mary!

Oh...and I may surface one of these days...I'll be in touch.