Monday, October 18, 2010

The Hole Gets Deeper

Halibut Point sunset
I can't seem to get ahead of anything.  Household projects like getting ready for winter, or work - not that there's a lot - I just can't get any time in at it without interruptions, money is going out as fast as it comes in - I needed a new muffler this week in order to pass vehicle inspection - there went a chunk, plus the regular bills and business bills.  The up side could be that I never lack for something to keep busy.  The down side is that I have been too busy.  Never ending.  I'm caught between crying, fleeing to a far away country, screaming, banging fists or head against something unforgivingly hard, or doing nothing but nursing an unhappy stomach and a headache.  The latter won.  So all of you will have to be content with a pretty picture because I haven't managed to climb out.  It's only gotten deeper.


I-feel-your-pain scribbs said...

Like the old song says, "You got a Right to Sing the Blues...."

Things will get better, though I suggest a bit more venting and a bit less stoicism. I don't do well at that, but I'm told it helps.

Considering the season, you'll need another muffler soon. Probably cost a lot less, even if you don't have one stashed away already.

Bernard said...

And a very nice picture too. :)
I can tell you are an artist Deb, by the way you have positioned the horizon at just the right hight and off-set the sinking sun, again in the same ratio. Called something like 'The Golden Mean'? Or something like that.
Anyway, lovely (and so is halibut - one of my favourite fishes).

deb said...

Oh my, that's another thing that needs to be done. The dryer vent!

It's never been vented has a water 'trap' instead. Need to clean and fill the trap...really need to vent to the outside and solve the problem correctly.

foot-in-mouth scribbs said...

Oooops! I didn't mean to say something that would set you off on another chore!

(And here I was, thinking "vent" was an innocuous word....)

Wet lint is all kinds of wrong...been there, cleaned out water lint filters....

Bernard said...

"I'm caught between crying, fleeing to a far away country, screaming, banging fists or head against something unforgivingly hard,..?

Hey, Deb, this is new to me.
I didn't know you were going to dent good hard keyboards with your lovely, and relativity 'soft' head.
Think of the damage to the keyboards?
And think of the damage to your head?
Go back to painting,
it always relaxes. :)
Best wishes.....Bernard.

deb said...

Did paint some necklaces needed for the Nov 20 PTO fair. Not relaxing...too many other things going on...just had to get them done.