Monday, January 02, 2012

Cat Lovers in Dogtown - Trip Five

We started the New Year with our continued exploration of the center of the island.  No surprise, huh?

Entering via Dogtown Road repeated our second adventure In, in some respects, but allowed us to spend more time actually looking around instead of worrying about keeping track of our course in order to not get lost.  We found many new things along the now familiar route.
A very large cellar hole along Dogtown Road

One such find was a rather large and excavated cellar hole.  I'm not sure why there are so many bricks present.  Maybe part of a chimney?  Maybe leftover from the days of filling in the holes?  Anyway, it's hard to believe that we missed this one last time!
The pasture where James Merry kept his bull

We continued on along Dogtown Road until we came to a path approximately opposite (to the right of) cellar hole 18.  Using my wonderful Christmas gift from 'R', "The Dogtown Guide" (see sidebar for a pic), we had learned that this path would lead us to the site were James Merry tried to teach himself bull fighting.  Yep, in late 1800 Mr. Merry desired to become a matador.  He failed.

Inscription "First Attacked"

Jas. Merry died  Sept. 18 1892
He was gored to death by his bull.

We then retraced our steps back to Dogtown Road to where it intersected with the Moraine Trail.
Marking the start of the Moraine Trail

We followed the trail, finding a couple more Babson Boulders until we reached Col. Pearce's Pasture.  There we turned around.
Col. Pearce's Pasture
Never Try Never Win
Prosperity Follows Service
On the way back to Dogtown Square we found Col. Pearce's cellar hole.  Another large home!
Col. Pearce had a cellar in his barn, too! (not shown)

Heading back west on Dogtown Road we veered to the right, between cellar holes 17 and 18, to see what the Adams Pine Trail was like and to find out where it connected to Commons Road on the northern edge of Dogtown.
A stone circle marks an otherwise confusing section of the Adam's Pine Trail

Not too interesting a route...we did find the junction...and a very pretty brook.
The brook near the intersection of the APT and Commons Road

We concluded our fifth trip In, retracing our steps back on the trail to Dogtown Road and then home.  On this trip we felt a familiarity with the central Dogtown area, being able to find and name many sites and trails, and also finding new stuff.  Next time our trip In will once again take us to unknown areas.  Should be fun.

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Eoin said...

Looks like a great walk!
I got the Dogtown guide a few years ago, and it really opened up Rockport and Dogtown again for me.

Growing up in the 80's I was always told to stay out of Dogtown. It has been nice venturing back in with this guide and seeing what is still there.