Sunday, January 15, 2012


I haven't written a whiny, complaining post in some time.  So what better time to air something that has been spending far too much time bouncing around in my head.

That something is the blatant theft of images.  Yep, from the minor we-all-forget-to-give-credit-where-credit-is-due to the claiming of others photos as ones own.  This has been happening a lot on one I'm not mentioning by name site.  If it's not a photo you have taken then don't post it as your own!  Now there are a couple of folks out there that I run into who have their logo on images but do credit the original source.  I don't understand it, but well, at least they give appropriate credit.

The rest of 'em, the habitual offenders........not only do they anger me, they lose my respect.


deb said...

Okay, so it's mostly one in particular...........

John0 Juanderlust said...

I steal photos like crazy, but usually admit it.
I wonder who claims them as their own..

deb said...

What I'm talking about are photos and/or negatives that are being reprinted and sometimes posted online with a 'signature' watermark. While in some cases it may be obvious that the photo is of a historic nature, it seems that due credit of source should be given rather than solely presenting with the signature of the user.

We all use stock images, rarely do most folks that I know steal from another photographer...except one semi-local type.

(no one that frequents here)

dickiebo said...

I've gotta say; you had me worried there!
Shan't do it again. Honest!

deb said...

No worries!

Mostly I have just one person in mind...and they aren't around here.