Monday, January 09, 2012

A Warm Saturday Afternoon

A place with possibilities

Just some shots from our walk on Rocky Neck.

Needing work at Gloucester Marine Railways

Sign along the way

An enormous swan at the beach


Bernard said...

I like that Raw Bar sign on an old ship's rudder.
Very clever.
Now, thanks for your nice comment on my pencil sketch of dear old Wesley. There is some really excellent animal drawings on the web. Makes mine look really amateurish.
One of my blog mates said to me -
"Have you (me) seen this?"
"Museum Of Bad Artists".
Cheek! Anyhow I did look, and it's somewhere in 'your neck of the woods'. (I'm guessing.) -
"Another Boston-area cultural institution, Dedham Community Theatre, generously allowed MOBA the use of their basement. Our first permanent gallery is now conveniently located just outside the men’s room in a 1927 movie theatre."

Here's hoping that neither of us ever end up here! :)

deb said...

Bernard, I'd hardly call you work amateurish! Anyway...Dedham is about 70 miles south of here so I'm hoping my work won't find it's way there. You've sparked some curiosity about the place, though.

Just spent 2 afternoons as the assistant at a pipe organ tuning. I'll stick with pianos, thank you!

Bernard said...

Organ tuning!
Don't remind me.
I went into a church a couple of years ago where the organ was being tuned. The chap was working on his own and so placed a weight on the relevant key and then climbed off into the towering pipework to tweek the corresponding reed. Each note was sounding for three or four minutes.
It was 'doing my head in'!
Good on you managing two days!
There's a link to MOBA here
I must admit I didn't look up the location.