Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A's Day

I feel verrryyy old. Today was Amanda's 25th birthday. I won't write all the standard "has it been that........" comments. I took a couple pictures but she would hate me for blogging them! You'll have to take my word for it that they came out nice. Soooo, here's just a nice "summer is coming" picture that I took many summers ago. Gee, many, many summers ago. Amanda was 10!

What does one buy for a 25 year old? She has more money banked than I think I ever have had (at one time). She buys pretty much anything she *wants*. She didn't write a birthday list. Her grandma and grandpa bought her some cool glassware...clear tumblers with turquoise fish on them. Perfect for the girl that longs to live in Florida once again. They also gave her a $50 certificate towards some furniture she needs. I got her a new fan for her room. She griped and fussed about the one she used last summer....too low to the floor so it just blew air against the side of the bed, and a control knob that kept falling off and getting lost. So now she has a nice pedestal model that swings back and forth 180 degrees (or not if you chose). Fans are a lot more expensive than I thought they'd be. At least good ones are! As a little extra I took her out to dinner. She got cards from Aunt M and Paul, Aunt E and Uncle N, me, grandma and grandpa, and of course one from "the other". Per norm now (since she turned 18) nothing from her dad. I guess at this point that is not even worth the comment that I would like to make. So I won't.

My daughter's a quarter of a century old...........YIKES!!


Tomorrow I have a tuning job in Magnolia. Should be a fun place with a great view to watch while I listen. When the lady gave me the directions they were...."the first drive on the left after Hammond Castle. Go all the way to the end." Weird thing is that while I've been anticipating the fantastic ocean views, I can't remember the make piano! I think it's a Yamaha grand, but then the guy that booked a tuning today, for next week, said he has a Yamaha grand. Oh well. Maybe they both do. In the meantime, check out Mr. Hammond, his "castle", and his life and inventions HERE.


BTW, the surprise is finished and ready to send. I've got to wait a bit, though. The date that I wanted it to arrive isn't going to work out as she will be out of town. I'm now planning on the surprise arriving the latter of the first week in May. Then you'll see the surprise (sort of) here.


mary said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Amanda!

As always I look forward to and enjoy your blogs. However, I must agree with Dickiebo that often after I read them I am headed for the kitchen for a snack and they never measure up to your descriptions of yummy stuff.

The sun has been out for several days and the yard is screaming for cleanup and attention. Never enough time or, more to the point, energy! But you know all about that.

dickiebo said...

Just as well that I have a good memory (!!!) or I mightn't be able to remember my first quarter-century!
I like the picture, though. I love horses.
Hope you both enjoyed your meal. My mate was telling me last night, that his daughter & her hubby took him and his former wife out for a meal at St. Albans, not too far from London. Bill came to £300. (About $600)! My mate's still recovering from the shock.

deb said...

Mary, time?, energy?. Within one hour my mom wanted to know when I was going to make the lattice insert for the deck fencing, work on the cover for the basement window-well, and then asked me to rake the leaves along the outside of the rock wall at the street.

Since I *hate* raking (particularly where the neighborhood dogs have been walked -YUCK). I told her that I doubted I'd get that done. That some things would just have to slide, that I *do* work, ya know.

dickiebo, it would take a meal that pricey before I'd dine with either of my formers! Naw, even that wouldn't do it.

dickiebo said...

Lol. Yea. Nice one Deb. (Know what u mean!).