Tuesday, April 17, 2007

40 Days, 40 Nights

The weather has been so lousy, I'm feeling like this will be the view from my window when I wake up in the morning. April showers for sure. On the fun side of it, yesterday I took my mom for a ride through town to look at the ocean (high tide). Actually a super high tide. Big nor'easter at the same time as an astronomical high tide with the new moon. The police had closed off T-wharf, Bearskin Neck, and Back Beach so we headed for Granite Pier. So had everyone else! Almost a traffic jam out there! I parked the truck facing the water and we watched the waves crashing along the coast and the pier (granite, thus the name). After the truck had received it's share of salt water being dumped on the hood, we headed for home. Today, Amanda and I tried the same thing. The tide was up even more today and there were big swells in the harbor. Amazingly, today we could drive out on T-Wharf even though water was periodically sloshing over the edges and flowing under some parked cars. We also drove out to the end of the Neck and had the spray coming over the truck. Today the road was closed at Front Beach as well as Back Beach. Amanda had to get home for lunch and then work so we didn't drive out to Granite Pier. I didn't take any photos of the ocean. When it's gray and dismal and there is no good light to give the surf dimension, well, frankly, it never looks as tumultuous as it appears in person.


Today was my mom's 75th birthday. Amanda was working through dinner time so I cooked dinner for my folks and then my mom opened presents after Amanda got home tonight. I guess I was remiss....I forgot to take birthday pictures.


Guess what? I may have mentioned this before. I can't remember and I'm not going to stop and look back at previous posts. So....if I've mentioned this before, I apologize for duplication. So...Guess what? I missed out on a tuning job last week. When I returned the call that was on my machine, the customer had already booked someone else. No problem. Well, on Saturday the customer called back. Seems the tuner he booked for 6 p.m. Friday didn't show up. Several calls were made (messages left) to find out why but were never returned. So the gig was mine if I wanted it. I go tomorrow! Oh, and the tech that was the "no-show"? Tech S.

But wait. It gets better.

Yesterday I had a message on *my* machine from Tech S.

Paraphrased...insert a good deal of demeaning attitude when "hearing" these words as you read them.

This is S at phone #, please tell Deb that if she can manage to find a moment in her busy schedule to call me.

That was it. Pffftt. Don't give me attitude if you want me to call. Okay, yes, I'm a nice person. But I certainly didn't rush to call him back. To be blunt, I'm really tired of hearing his crap. (sorry, but I couldn't think of another way to phrase it. really, I tried to think of some other word. not for very long, though!) I called him back today. I got his machine! I said, "This is Deb. I'm just returning your call."

That's it. That was at lunchtime and I haven't heard back..................yet.


Two sets of keys shipped back today. The third is finished and a message left to arrange the "Friendly's" exchange! Two phone calls with three sets of keys on the way. I did get to work on the melodeon a little today. More work on that tomorrow and start on the piano action work from Saturday's repair job.


Oh boy! Skip's opens for the season tomorrow! (We will go for lunch on Saturday, Amanda's next day off work. I'll take my camera.) And Ellen's opens for the season on May 1st!


And before I forget....I've come up with a nifty surprise for a friend. I'll post about it here, with pictures, when I can. It won't be until sometime near the beginning of May, though.


dickiebo said...

I like surprises. But - only nice ones. Can't wait.

deb said...

:-D I would only keep people in suspense for nice ones. I feel good about this one - she'll really like it!