Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nummmba Foewha

See, I remembered to take the camera! Yay, Skip's is open! This is their 60th year. I've been eating there, well, forever. My folks first started going once a week in about 1952. The first place was just across the street from it's present location on Rte. 110, just east of the center of Merrimac, MA. It started as an eat-in-your-car place. About 20 years ago they added an eat-in area. We still eat in our car as some traditions are just part of the overall experience. I honestly didn't think we would get there today. My dad just started taking a time release pain med and today he was very weak, and unstable from it. He could barely get one foot in front of the other. He *did* want to go, took about a half an hour to actually get him out of the house and in to the mini van. He had to get down 5 steps and that meant sitting down part way for a rest. Our retired police chief was out in his yard and came over to lend a hand and chat while dad rested. Once he was in the car, he enjoyed the trip immensely.

As long as I missed the bumps in the road, or at least warned him ahead of time.

Getting him back in the house was even more difficult. He did get in after several rest stops but my mom was real upset and called the Hospice nurse to come. My mom is going to try giving him a slightly lower dose (20mg instead of 30) of his pain med and see if it still is effective for the 12 hour pain management yet maybe not so debilitating for his mobility.

I don't think he'll be going out again.

I think that this is on my back this week. Remember how I said that Tech S was trying to get me over to his shop about the player grand? This is the one that I sent the labeled photos to and the description on what to do. Then he called with the rather nasty comments? While I took my mom out to dinner on Wednesday evening, Tech S showed up knocking at my parent's door! My dad struggled to answer it. This made me VERY angry. Well....This week his son got in to the act and called me. This is the son who was arrested for alleged assault on his girlfriend, the renter, and firing the gun in the house. I called and left a message reiterating that I couldn't be of any further assistance and not to be bothering my folks looking for me.

Then.........the !!##!!%! non-tech key customer started up again. He had sent the keys back to me because he thought there were problems. He had marked each problem spot with a bit of blue painter's tape. I cleaned up a couple that did have a bit of residual glue, and a couple that had gotten chipped in shipping were fixed. I shipped the keys back to him and emailed him the shipping tracking number. He got the keys yesterday. Within five minutes he had left a message on my machine that he was disappointed in the key tops. That they were too rounded (or his words, rolled) on the edges and the front. So I'm irritated about this too! I emailed him this morning that that is the style of the top he chose. I can't change that.

So there.

I haven't heard back yet............Why am I sure that I will?


And finally. Are you wondering about the title of this post? When dining at Skip's, you first place your order at the "order" window. When your number is called you pick it up at the "pick up" window. Dave (the owner and boss when I worked there) has a heavy New England accent. Thus, when he was calling out the those days it was 1 - was nummba one, nummba two, nummba three, and then nummba foewha.


dickiebo said...

Woman. Do you ever stop and consider the effect of your blogs on people? Now, I'm craving. A MacDonalds. No, no. Mustn't.
Just one. No.
One? NO.
Silence will now be the order of the day.
Very sad to read of your Dad. Seems to bring out the best of Deputy Dawg though!

deb said...

Heehee, MacDonald's doesn't compare to a Skip's Hamburger Special!

My dad had a bad night last night. He can hardly make his feet and legs move, fell once, very early this a.m. and I had to go over and get him up off the floor and back in bed. My mom is a wreck. I haven't gone over yet today. I slept in a bit.