Friday, December 07, 2007

Hark the Herald

I have succumbed to the pressure. Mary posted in the comments that she wanted to see our treetop angel. So...thanks to a zoom lens...'Angels We Have Heard On High' at eight feet!
And while loading this photo I came across another of the Bearskin Neck shop that includes the adjacent store. They look nice together. So neighborly to coordinate their decorating!


mary said...

What a beautiful angel. Thanks for taking the photo!

I love the unique frozen sliver moon.

Packing these ornaments away at the end of the season must be some process. How many years did it take to collect all of them? I bet quite a few have a story behind them waiting for you to share. Hint, hint! I know, I am always making more work for you but seeing and reading your blog makes my day! So in all that spare time . . .

What a wonderland at your house.

dickiebo said...

Gosh Deb. The photograph of the shops is breath-taking. Would make a stunning Xmas Card.

Claire said...

They're lovely photos, Bearskin Neck is a wonderful name too!

Thanks for your comment on my blog, I guess we were feeling the same 'exposed' web weirdness. Take care.

deb said...

Thanks all.

Mary, I may have a story in it. Time will tell.

Dickiebo, We've thought of the Xmas cards but don't like the 'brown-ness' of the night photo. Needs to be better. I'll be posting a photo that may become next years card.

Claire, I should post the story of how the Neck got the name. I found it odd that we both thought to change/shorten/delete/whatever our profiles at about the same time!