Monday, December 03, 2007

Holiday Season

Over the next few weeks, I hope to get some holiday photos taken. Rockport has some unique traditions like Santa arriving on a lobster boat (too cold for me to go to that)! The Christmas events started last Saturday with the above mentioned arrival, Christmas carols sung in Dock Square and the lighting of the Christmas tree (also in the square).

We've been finishing up our decorations at home, too. Dickiebo griped that he had no idea what I look is about all you'll see of me! I hate having my picture taken and my Mom isn't great with the digital camera. In this picture I'm up the ladder to put the angel atop our 7.5 foot tree. We got smarter this year by putting the tree-topper on before all the breakable ornaments. Photos of the finished tree to follow in a future post.

Decades ago, when I taught art at Gloucester High School, the holidays brought a slow down in student interest in doing much real classwork. Usually, about this time, I would offer a surprise quiz.
The rules: Question was to be answered immediately. No reference material. No talking. Eyes may not wander to adjacent student's paper.
The reward for correct answer: An 'A' averaged into the final grade.
The punishment for incorrect answer: No penalty.

THE QUESTION: In order, what are the twelve gifts from "The Twelve Days of Christmas"?

I got a kick out of watching the heads bobbing as they sang each to themselves.

Can you answer it? No cheating. I'm watching you.


dickiebo said...

In answer to your question; No.
As for the photograph. Blimey! I had to look for about a minutes before I spotted you. Must have a good head for heights!

deb said...

I HATE heights. Mostly I'm ok if holding on to something and not looking up. Looking down doesn't bother me like most people, but looking up gives me vertigo. Next week I have to tackle replacing all the batteries in the smoke detectors. My Mom's house has cathedral ceilings and one of the detectors is about 14 ft. up there. I'm dreading it.

Little Wing said...

Santa arriving on a lobster boat, I love it, and I love traditions!!!!!
Such a beautiful tree you have, and I know there is a partridge in a pear tree and some milkmaids milking?? five golden rings? three turtledoves???
One french hen?????
LOL OK, no A for me!!!!!

deb said...

Oh dear, I may just *have* to post the answer soon!

mary said...

What a great photo. And the shoes and outfit match the ladder! Did you do the art work on it? What will be the color scheme for changing the smoke detector batteries?

Do be careful. I would have suggested getting your neighbor to bring the hook and ladder but since he fell off the truck and dislocated his shoulder . . .

Knowing you and your abilities and ingenuity, why not set up a system of ropes and pulleys where the smoke detectors could be on the high ceiling and then lowered for battery changes by a twist of the wrist.

Ducking . . .

just me said...

Blogger changed it's terminology (I hate change when the old was working perfectly fine). They now use 'nickname' for the non-bloggers. I'm here as 'just me' to be sure it works!

deb said...

"Ducking . . ."

And well you should! LOL