Friday, December 07, 2007

Seasonal Views

Here are a few photos. I ventured in to the freezing temps just to take some pictures for all of you. Yes, yes, you're welcome. This is the town Christmas tree. It is one of the nicer ones we've had over the past couple years. I noticed that the DPW didn't have to fill in any bare spots with extra branches. Last year the branches that they used weren't the same type of fir as the tree and it looked a bit odd.
This next picture is the front of a shop on Bearskin Neck. It's one of the nicest decorating jobs out there.
And, as promised, here are some of our Christmas tree fully decorated. We decorate with all shiny ornaments. The icy moon man is mine (and my favorite).


mary said...

Wow - if these photos don't help get us into the spirit of Christmas, nothing will! What a beautiful job of decorating but of course - done by the artist. Thanks for sharing.

Love the town tree - now have to take the kids and see it in person.

One little request. Could you climb up the ladder again and take a close- up picture of the angel. It is hard to see! Oops - be careful- this is a G rated blog! :-)

Maybe I should post as "anonymous" !

deb said...

Hmmph! Okay, but only because it's for you.

I'll climb down the steep cellar stairs and get the ladder off it's overhead hooks, maneuver it back up those same steep stairs, carefully negotiating the 90° turn at the top, and risk tumbling in to the elaborately decorated tree that sparkles with over 200 highly breakable ornaments...just for a picture of the angel.

Oh yeah, there's a zoom lens on my camera!