Friday, March 27, 2009

Trust Me, It'll Sort Out

Having finished the reed organ, I am now Thrilled (Cap intentional!) to be working, once again, on my player piano. It's been a long while. Too long. That's causing some moments of "How does this go together?" as there are parts of this that have been in parts for over 6 years. Nevertheless, I'm having a blast with it.

Finished rebushing a set of keys today. Guy won't be showing up for them until late next best. I hate that.

And guess what? On the first day that 'the Factory' will be open, I'll be working as a replacement clerk. The scheduled person forgot that they had a commitment for that day. It'll probably be a good thing as my shift on Sunday will likely be canceled due to foul weather. Heavy rain and wind.

I've made a lot more ivory earrings. I've also made 'cards' that they will hook in to. Now I've got to make a display for them all. I'm thinking that a grand piano lid shape as the background/mounting surface might be appropriate.

And in my spare time...I've read halfway through an intriguing book, written by the brother of a piano technician acquaintance. The book is titled Heyday and is written by Kurt Andersen. You can see a picture in the sidebar. Kurt is a brilliant guy and the story is an intricate weaving of characters against the background of the mid 1800's in Paris, London, and New York (so far).

Also, I'll take this moment to extend a belated thank you to both Annette and Dickiebo for this award:I shall get to paying the award forward.


Kippers Dickie said...

Hi Deb,
Good luck with the piano.
There is an old saying "The thing that never gets started....takes the longest to finish"
Do you know I do a similar thing all the time. I buy something cheap, because it's not working, get it home, take it apart to see what's wrong with it....put it in a cardboard box to sort out later... and then forget about it. I have dozens of old musical instruments and clocks waiting like this.

deb said...

If only it all would fit in a cardboard box! [grin]

Well, the piano should be the last of the unfinished projects. Oh wait a minute...there's all that stuff for building a nickelodeon...drat.

Annette said...

When do you have the time to do this???
The earings look fab.

deb said...

When I should be doing other things!

Seriously, I'm big on multi-tasking. While glue dries on one project, I'm on to another. While paint dries on ivory, on to something else. All while laundry is doing or dinner is cooking, or whatever else can be happening simultaneously.

Kippers Dickie said...

Young Stuart is going to
"....I plan on coating it with a clear varnish and then a few coats of laquer (although (I'll have to research that's the correct procedure first)."
Is this the correct procedure for a soundboard?

deb said...

Hi Bernard. Generally speaking, yes. Most rebuilders here have developed their preferred sequence of materials...all working equally well. The major concern would be making sure that whatever finishes are used are compatible with each other. When in question, I ALWAYS do a test sample! Let any problems show up on a scrap of wood rather than the entire soundboard. My choice would be a sealer coat (or two) of thinned shellac followed by one or two coats of 'satin' or 'gloss' finish lacquer.

Big thing for me is the test sample. I hate undoing finish mistakes!

Kippers Dickie said...

Hi Deb,
Yes my choice would also be a sealer coat of thinned shellac followed a sanding and another coat of shellac. Finish with one or two coats of 'satin' lacquer.
Although I love to finish things with real beeswax, and lots of hard 'elbow grease'.
Oh by the way, I don't know if you visit young Stuart's blog.... but he now has TWO grand pianos in his garage!

deb said...

Until someone markets that grease, I'll stick with my lacquer! honestly, I do as little refinishing these days as possible. I'd rather contract that out.

I check Stuart's blog now and again. Piano collecting is not a hobby I'd encourage. In my next life I think I'll be more portable!
(Maybe piccolos?)

Kippers Dickie said...

It's funny you should say I just do have a piccolo waiting for repair (in it's cardboard box of course! )

deb said...

Life would be so less