Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Exciting Events in a Small Town

I just renewed my membership to the Thacher Island Association. Along with the renewal form was an invitation to include an added amount which would assure the purchase of a signed copy of a new book, written by the president of the association. I thought it might be a good read so I sent the extra money. The book should be released (and therefore in my mailbox) in early May.So that happened just a few days ago and today, in the mail, I got my renewal notice for the Sandy Bay Historical Society. Enclosed with the renewal form was a list of this years special events. I'll be attending a few, I'm sure.

April 13 - Community House School Years. This should be interesting. My parents used to live just behind and sort of next to the Community House. As you may recall, I have acquired a few items from there, have serviced the piano there, and attended many other functions in the building.

May 11 - Appraisal Night. I might bring something to have the antique specialist take a look at - or not.

June 8 - Twin Lights of Thacher Island, Cape Ann. Presented by the author, Paul St. Germain. (book shown above) I plan on attending this presentation at an earlier date in May, sponsored by the library. If it's really good maybe I'll be up for a rerun.

July 13 - Telling Time featuring Bob Frishman of Bell-Time Clocks. I repaired Mr. Frishman's Duo-Art upright piano and he repaired my mantel clock. He's an expert in museum quality clock repairs and restorations. I'll be at this one!

August 10 - Quilts. Ummm, although I have made numerous quilts in the past, my interest in it is also in the past.

September 17 - 'Chowdah' Supper. I don't like chowder (fish and/or clam) but it's to be followed by a presentation on Dogtown by Ted Tarr so I'll be there.

October 12 - Ice Harvesting in New England (tentative date). Just weird enough that I might go.

November 9 - Military History of Halibut Point. Sounds like an interesting presentation. We have quite a few lookout towers on the island and Halibut Point State Park is the location of one of them.

December 5 - Holiday Open House. Yummy desserts and a concert on the Manning reed organ that I restored. You can bet I'll be there!


Uncle Bernard (KD) said...

You are going to be busy!
You can put me down for July 13th.
I bet that will be interesting.
PS Why does it say "Twin lights"?
I can only see one.

deb said...

After catching up with your blog, I understand your interest. Bob has a beautiful home and restoration shop in Shawsheen Valley, MA.

Well, the book cover only shows the north light. The house and covered walkway in the old photo no longer exist. There is also a south tower on the island and a guest house, principal keeper's house, whistle house, boat house, large cistern, railway, umm, cemetery, helicopter pad.....see the link to the web site in the sidebar.