Friday, April 09, 2010

In My Inbox

I received this email:


My copy of the most recent ROS* Quarterly arrived in the mailbox today. As is my custom, I immediately leafed through it, and came upon your well-written contribution.

What a GREAT story and photographs! Thank you so much for returning the beautiful Smith American reed organ to life and service!

Your work is truly appreciated!

Kind regards,
Brenda -------
ROS president

I also received a phone call from a restorer in Alabama. We had a great one hour conversation!

Inspired me to start the research for another article. I'll be heading for the historical society on Monday morning!

*Reed Organ Society


dickiebo said...

Gosh Deb! Like Gold Seal margarine, your fame is spreading! lol.
Well done to you.

Uncle Bernard (KD) said...

Have just been to ROS website, but they have only put up a few older articles.
I did notice the name Mark Jefford as a Regional Councillor. I know Jeff, well I have met him at MOOS meetings. He is our Membership secretary.
Small world.

deb said...

I'm having a blast!

As I recall, the ROS web site is operated parallel to the society. Not really an official part of...maybe, can't be sure. I haven't looked at it in a while, will have to. I guess I should provide a link to it in the sidebar, as well as a link to the historic society. More to do later! I'll add those things to my ever growing list!