Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Super Surprise

Today started like most other Sundays with oversleeping (only by 30 minutes) and then spending a relaxing hour over breakfast after which I dressed for church, headed out, and got there early - as usual. I guess it's better early than too late! I chatted with a couple friends, then a good sermon and accompanying good hymns, then home to get some lunch.

After lunch I made the short trip down the road to Smith Hardware to pick up some mineral spirits (for painting) and some screw elbows for mom's kitchen display of cookie cutters. Smith's had a bunch of new stuff in, so I spent a little more than I planned, buying some special glue. It dawned on me that I needed some steel wool, so I bought that, too. The store was very busy. Everyone is welcoming Spring, getting out to do outdoor projects and 'running into' neighbors who had been hibernating in the cold months. Town is busy, too, with it being a nice, warm weekend. My next stop was in town.

Today is pick-up day for artwork in the Contributing Members Show at the Rockport Art Association. If you remember, I exhibited two pieces this year - an oil painting and a photograph. I drove down and fortunately found a parking space on nearby School Street. After grabbing my tote bag from my truck and paying the meter, I headed for the art association. I checked in at the front desk to be sure today was indeed pick-up day, then headed back to the gallery to retrieve my artwork. More than half of the exhibit had already been removed. I entered the first gallery and started to the left to un-hang my photograph.

It wasn't there. Huh.

I proceeded in to the back gallery to get my painting, rounded the corner to it's wall location to find it was missing, as well. Double huh.

What had happened to them? Had someone moved them? I double checked all the walls. Nope, not anywhere. Maybe the staff had started to ready the galleries for the next show and were stacking the remaining works someplace? Maybe they were just..........missing?

I went back out to the front desk and asked, "What happens when I can't find my two pieces?"

"What's your name?"

As I told her, another staff member approached from an adjacent room. "I tried to call you. You don't have an answering machine?"

"Yes, I do," I replied.

"Um, I must of dialed the wrong number," she said.

And then she said, "Both your pieces have been sold!"


Now I wait for the check, which should be in the mail, for 60% of the price tag on each piece. The Rockport Art Association takes 40%. Hope she sent the check to the correct address!


Uncle Bernard (KD) said...

Good news.
I wouldn't mind selling my photos or prints but I would hate to part with a painting that I had done. Perhaps you have been doing this for a long time and don't miss them?
Well done.

deb said...

I've been painting and showing, on and off, since 1967. I've learned that they can accumulate and I really need to have the approach - I paint because I enjoy doing it, once done, money is nice. I do collect others artwork and I would have a difficult time parting with that.

Selling two at one show has me feeling oddly uneasy.

dickiebo said...

Sold both? Blimey, Deb. Don't forget your friends now, will you?
Skip's - here we come! lol.

deb said...

Your penny will be in the mail! After the 40% to the RAA, I'm not earning much for the effort!

We went to Skip's on Saturday, for 'A's' birthday. Told the owners that you had been getting anxious for them to open for the season. Ellen's opens next week.

mary said...

I tried yesterday, and again this morning, to send you congratulations on the sale of your art at the RAA. For some reason, my comments won't go through. When I push
"publish", no green line saying you have to approve shows up at the top.

So anyway - very nice news and you deserve it!!

deb said...

Just so the rest of you don't get confused - I copied the above comment from an email that Mary sent to me.

Thanks, Mary!