Saturday, August 07, 2010

Have You Missed Me?

Mmmm, that's what I thought.

Oh well.

I've been busy. Most of the stuff I've been enjoying. There has been other stuff, too. Like tiling the backsplash in my mom's kitchen. It's almost done with just the grouting to do. Not today. Probably not tomorrow, either. While I was using a rented wet saw on Tuesday, to cut all the partial tiles that were needed, this flew over.Nearly a couple dozen times. Looked military. I haven't heard anything explaining it and, as I predicted, nothing was written up in the local paper about it. I think they were just practicing right turns (that's all they did until they left). Hahaha!I like the clouds better in this picture.

I had a set of keys come in to the shop. The customer wanted something very yellow to match the discolored keys that the customer had become used to seeing. I called in a special order, they sent the wrong thing. I called and explained, returned the wrong ones and waited for the correct shipment. It arrived. It wasn't correct. It was the same as the previous wrong item. Bleck, called the supplier again and got told I was wrong...even though I had a supplier sample sitting right in front of me and it was different than what they sent. I gave up. I worked it out with my customer.

Our neighbor is finally getting a new fence. This is the same neighbor that got a 'new' drive put in last year. The drive that is slowly washing away and growing weeds in it. Anyway, this is a good thing because their fence has been falling apart, piece by piece, on to our property...or leaning so far over I've had to be careful backing out of my parking area.

'A' and I have been doing a lot of walking. The weather has been a bit uncooperative with high temps and humidity, but we've managed at least an hour each day. Sometimes two.Here's some determined squash growing over shrubbery on Pleasant Street.And an evening beach view from the end of the walk alongside the Toad Hall Bookstore.

So that's what I can tell you about what I've been up to.

And if you didn't miss me...I'll admit, I...


mary said...

Glad you had a chance to catch us up. Yellow piano keys? Would it have been easier to make them all white? What do I know . . probably not.

Re: helicopter. Whew, I thought for sure they'd spot our weeds. They did catch a big planting on Nantucket.

Scribbs, felony-free said...

Wasn't it Robert Frost who said, "good fences make good neighbors?" I thought so.

And I knew a couple of thieves who believed in this saying, too. They thought fences made excellent neighbors. Shorter disposal times for swag, and all that....

deb said...

Hi Mary, well considering what happened just to get them yellow-ish. Yep.

I just knew there was something funny looking about those herbs in your garden! Thanks for the newspaper report.

FF Scribbs, very true about thieves. Neighborhood gossips says that the folks living in my house (prior to my family, of course) used to run a little drug business out of here. Used to be a very high fence and there are some interesting hide-y spots.