Monday, September 27, 2010

Often Music Helps

Brilliant statement coming from a piano technician, huh?

Working on a set of keys got delayed for far too long.  First is was that Friday grand piano damper job, then Saturday, umm, kinda went by.  Oh yeah, ordering flowers for P's funeral, a run to the dump, the bank, a tuning at the art association...time just gets used up.

So Sunday rolls around and I find that I have an incredible amount of catching up to do on the key job.  Aside from a fun little jaunt to do some antique and junk shop browsing, the entire day was spent in the workshop.  And I needed motivation to keep working along.

What better than some upbeat music.  What did I choose?  The first selection was Enchanted Carousel.

The second was Carousel Memories.

One of these recordings, I believe it is Enchanted Carousel is of a 165 band organ reproduction built by Verbeeck Organ Manufacturing of Belgium.  The only info I came across was that it replaced a Seabreeze Wurlitzer 165 after that organ burned.

Anyway, both recordings are a great deal of fun and kept me 'at it' rather than bemoaning the time involved.

And...while I was in that kind of mood, I ordered a calliope recording!


roll-playing scribbs said...

I love Wurlitzer 165s! They're the best thing next to those wonderful European orchestrions (Mortier, et al).

I think you need a 165 in your workshop. Or at least a Dutch "street organ."

There's another Wurlitzer "Model 165" I like even better, but that's a different story....

Bernard said...

I have often wondered how you manage to do a 'key job'?
I just don't think I would have the patience to do the same thing, over and over again some seventy-odd (?) times. (Are piano keyboards a standard size around the world. I don't know.) Anyhooo, I approve of your choice of music 100%.
I have a 1 hour CD of Organ music that I put on in the car, when I have to drive 'up north'. The journey takes 1 hour so the times passes very much more quickly.
Good to see you busy.
I could sit and watch people work for hours! :)

deb said...

Ahemmm, Mr. Scribbs, the Dutch Street Organ tape is played in the truck. (I do have it on CD, as well)

Also have the CDs, Roadhouse Razzmatazz...a Wurlitzer CX (orchestrion) and Pneumatic Orchestrions - M. Welte & Sohne, which should be getting some play time soon.


Generally speaking 52 naturals. Not nearly as patience trying as player piano/orchestrion work...or piano action work requiring the precise repetition of whatever 88 or more times.