Friday, March 18, 2011

It Just Goes to Show Ya...

You can't believe everything you read.

The new issue of Cape Ann Magazine is out and, yes, they put in some photographs of the Opening Reception of the Contributing Members Show at the RAA.
This kind of thing evidently gets put in their Party People section.

Hardly.  While I do enjoy getting together with friends, small social gatherings, or even meeting up with colleagues at a 'convention', I would not consider myself a party person.  Mom definitely isn't.
(Photo credit: Brianna Moore)

So...there I am on the left, next to my painting.  That's mom on the right.  'A' didn't want to be in the photograph.  Of course and as you may recall, Mom and I weren't too keen on participating, either. 

Free publicity wins over hating to be photographed.


scribbs, party-pooper, said...


Oh yeah, the painting is pretty darn nice, too....

Party People, eh? Where are the balloons, funny hats, adult beverages?

Anonymous said...

What a pair of crackers!!!!!

Bernard said...

Gosh! You're much better looking than your twin! (Dickiebo)
I've waited two years for you to appear in public. All I've ever seen are shadows. :)
Well worth the wait though.
I feel the same about being photographed. I always try to hide in the background. I've managed to keep out of all my blogs - except one.
Now I remember that painting - you weren't sure what to call it - and I suggested The Forest edge in Middle Earth. What did you end up calling it? I thought it was a smaller size than that. Love it. :)

deb said...

Wow! I write a post then go to a brief meeting and when I get back...three comments already!

No balloons or funny hats. Wine served in the next room along with hors d'oeuvres.

Crackers, or nuts?

Not fond of public images, oh well. Obviously fraternal twins...even worse...born in different years! If I remember correctly, after a few modifications to the painting, the title became, "Beyond the Oaks".

Mary said...

Great photo of you two. Beautiful painting!!

Now about being Party People . . . oh well. Come on over for coffee. Next time we could make some party hats and even though I distrust balloons (they break when you aren't expecting it and scare one to death) we could get a few and we could party on!

We do that anyway but it is by planning and making rockets, parades, floats etc. Our lives are a party already . . . but still come for coffee soon.

elizabeth down the street said...

Having our own copy of this very glossy rag, we could frame it and hang it on our wall!

deb said...

Seems that once I returned from expiration I have become quite popular Mary! Thanks.

E Down the might want to double check on that. (I promise I'll return it soon! *grin*)

Bernard said...

Just wanted you to know I've posted up my latest progress on pipe building. I don't publish much on TB and thought you might be interested?

PS. I'm still looking for someone to tidy up my workshop. :)
It's even worse now with all these wood shavings everywhere! :(

deb said...

Can't even get to tidying up my own these days!