Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Longer Days

More day time is really appreciated.  It gives me that extra being awake feeling so that I can get more done...like the income taxes...oh joy.  As usual, Mom gets a little check back from the government, Amanda gets a large check back, and yours truly did a poor job of estimating earnings and now must cough up more than I really want.

But daylight hours have been used for more enjoyable endeavors, as well.  Some warmer temperatures have helped in that regard, too.  'A' and I have started walking explorations once again.  The Mill Pond is a favorite spot.  Particularly when we have plenty of stale bread crusts.  The ducks are very happy to have us back and have demonstrated that by their dog-begging stances.  Yep, quit paying attention for just a moment and they will tramp all over your feet.  I looked down after a momentary delay in feeding to find several ducks standing directly in front of me, beaks up, with pleading eyes...one guy was planted firmly on my right shoe.  Nice to be appreciated!

Shortly we'll be springing ahead the clocks, warm temperatures will return, and then the warmth of summer.
The sooner the better I say.


scribbs, milling around, said...

The ducks in the photo don't seem to have noticed you yet...or are their li'l feets still frozen to the pond?

This is a lovely photo. Doesn't surprise me in the least....

deb said...

At that point they were well fed and content!