Saturday, March 26, 2011


News Flash!  Deb has been asked to have a one person exhibit of her artwork!

Yippeeeee!  Until suddenly she realizes that she may not have enough stuff.

It's not a big show.  It's not even a formal gallery show.  But nevertheless it will be being seen in Rockport and at a location that seems to have made a 'thing' of their small 'gallery'.  More on all that when the month...September...gets closer.

Right now Deb is trying to put together enough to fill the walls.  She has gone through her oil paintings, large and small, and her photographs.  Currently she is working on a small selection of sell-able-sized paintings in gouache.  Gouache is an opaque watercolor.  (It sort of feels like working with liquid chalk!) These might sell well as the size (6 X 9 plus matte and frame should bring it to 9 X 12) and pricing will be good.

Here's the first (huh, it lost some of the blue-gray sky and clouds) of probably a half dozen or so:

The Estate


painter-by-number scribbs said...

What I wonder is: are you ambidextrous? If so, you could do two paintings at a time....

Not only could you fill the gallery that way, but could probably get a guest spot on Leno, or a show of your own on one of those weird cable channels. D.C. Cupcakes would have nothing on you!

mary said...

Wow - great news!! Can't wait to hear all the details.

Isn't one night set aside for the "opening" with refreshments etc? Count on us to help provide some goodies and we could pour tea and ladle punch and and. . . and

I know what you are saying "now calm down!" but that is hard to do! Yay, Deb!!

elizabeth down the street said...

Wow!!!!! That's the big time! Congratulations!!!

Annette said...

congrats deb.
Hope it goes well.

deb said...

Thanks, Annette.
I think I should have enough work to show by then!