Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Sized

That's what the full moon was supposed to be on Saturday night.  So...I picked 'A' up from work, we grabbed a snack, and headed to...

Land's End with a view of Thacher Island.

I correctly assumed that it would be THE spot to view the moonrise.  So did many other people.  The usually vacant area of rocky coastline was crawling with moon-gazers.  It was rather difficult to find a spot to park in the little, muddy cul-de-sac but I managed to scoot the truck up a hump along the edge and 'A' and I hiked out on the rocks to wait.

And wait.

I was glad we had arrived early considering the crowded parking situation.

There were several 'pros' out there with their very cool camera set ups.  Long lenses for getting those 'squished' shots that would really accentuate the size of the moon as it made it's ascent in the sky next to the lighthouses.  They had tripods, too.  I own two tripods and forgot to bring either of them.  Should have remembered.

Thankfully the moon cooperated and peeked over the island, rather than further north or south which would have caused a massive, crazy exodus, and it was super-sized.  A funky red-orange colored globe rising between the two lighthouses of Thacher Island.

So I took a slew of photographs and cursed myself for no tripod...oh well.  And my moon doesn't look as spectacularly large as the ones that those with the long lenses will see. We had fun anyway.


Moon-shot scribbs said...

Those are superb shots! Full points for composition and color!

Personally, I think the long-lens shots are can make the moon look way huge any night if you want to do that.

Plus, I'm a wee bitty jealous 'cause my moon shots -- yes, a couple of zoom shots included -- turned out to be thoroughly delete-worthy. A lighthouse or two woulda helped!

deb said...

Yeah, Thacher's comes in handy. Still mildly irritated with myself for forgetting a tripod.

Annette said...

I watch the moon every night and that night it was spectacular, it's the nearest to the earth it has ever been.