Thursday, March 31, 2011

In Case Anyone's Wondering

I don't imagine that this has been a pressing question interrupting the flow of any of your days....
Here's little gouache painting number two:

It's just 5 X 7  (8 X 10 with matte and frame). It looks better in person...really.  Actually it's just occurred to me, since the gouache paintings are small and on paper, I could scan them into the computer rather than photograph them.  Might  turn out better. Dumb me.

I haven't titled it yet.  Any suggestions?


elizabeth down the street said...

I really, really, really like that painting... Just sayin'.

mary said...

To me, the trees are swaying in a gentle breeze and are saying "Welcome Home" as one steps into the painting.

The eye of the beholder is drawn to the trees that line the path to home and all the thoughts that are conjured up by the term "home" - not shoveling, dusting or repairs but warmth, security and comfort for soul and body (such as tea and cookies or coffee and donut holes!)

So my vote for a title is "Welcome Home!"

scribbs, in the arboreal dell, said...

The painting inspires me to wax poetic!

"I think that I shall never see/A poem lovely as eight (or seven, or nine) trees...."

Y'all crank out some nice more!

mary said...

ahh - that last comment makes me think of another title and everyone age 30 and over should be able to relate to it:

"I Think That . . ."

and the one purchasing it could then finish the sentence in their own way!!