Friday, March 16, 2007

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Today is, well, nasty! Was it only yesterday that the temp was near 60F? SIGH Guess it could be worse. Could be the start of winter instead of the end. Be careful Mary!


dickiebo said...

Nice picture deb. Where is it?

deb said...

Thanks, and, well, it got worse! Anyway, the pic was taken looking out the front window of my folks house towards their garden shed (my dad built it). I'll try to take another pic today to show the weather. After 8 inches of snow, it turned to sleet around midnight and then heavy rain at 6 am. Rain should end by noon. Lots of road flooding. Papers were delivered by car this a.m.! Big repair job to go to this afternoon with lots of tools to haul. Hope things have cleared up a bit by then. Now I must go shovel the soggy slushy mess to make sure my folks can get out and also to clear the route for the piano delivery that should be in a few days.