Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So Foolish

We all have our moments, don't we? A soundly based decision just at a really stupid time. You see, I needed to get more crushed rock delivered for my parking spot/drive. I've known this for about a year and just kept putting it off. Well, a few days ago, we had a bit of rain and above freezing weather. Here and there the drive became muddy and I got fed up with it. I decided as long as the keywork was caught up and it didn't snow outside I was going to order more stone on Monday. Once I decide on something like that, especially when it's something that has been put off for so long, well........it gets done.

Yesterday I went to Wolf Hill and ordered 1.5 yards of mixed crushed rock. I told them to deliver it this afternoon.

They did.

This is the foolish part.....it's about 6 degrees F with wind gusts to 35 mph. The wind chill is -15F. And what am I doing? I'm out shoveling and spreading crushed rock. I did it in four shifts of about 15 minutes each. It's mostly done with just a little evening to do on a warmer day! Also, I'm sure that when the ground thaws there will be a bit of settling that I will have to deal with, so I left a pile of extra where it isn't in the way of pulling in my truck. There is also a rather large "boulder" of crushed rock all frozen together!

Yes, stupid me, I knew it was going to be this cold today. Should of waited but, ya know?!

UPDATE: A correction. I just watched the weather. Evidently we are having wind gusts over 35 mph. Plum Island (coast just north of here) recorded gusts at 55 mph. Brrrrrrrr.


mary said...

But Debbie - what a wonderful to keep warm - and to think you were shoveling rocks and NOT snow!

I know - don't write what you are thinking right now!! :-)

deb said...

But I just *have* to! I wish I had known about your wonderful thoughts yesterday. I have extra rakes and shovels. I could have phoned you!

mary said...

ummm - gee, you could've given me a call but I think I was busy rearranging my sock drawer!

Seriously, your tale brought back memories of this past summer when we had rocks dropped off several times by Wolf Hill as I was landscaping the backyard. It took many wheelbarrow trips from the drivway where it was piled to the back and the wheelbarrow kept wanting to get off balance. Between it and me, it was an unsettling sight to behold! Those rocks arn't lightweight when they all get together.

The other lesson we learned was to get it loose and delivered. I can't tell you the number of bags of rocks we bought and lugged before we woke up.

dickiebo said...

Some nice stuff at Wolf Hill. Reckon I'll just take a mosey along there!
Can we have the next photoghraph of your biceps, please?

deb said...

Wolf Hill isn't bad a;though some stuff is overpriced. The delivery charge will be waaaaaayyyyyy up there for you, dickiebo, and I can't throw that far!

It's been so cold even *I* haven't seen my biceps in weeks! I can tell that they are still there though. They never used to complain as much when I used to do weight training. Well, maybe for a day or two after Mr. Torture was through. I've got weights and a bench and good intentions, but.....

At any rate, definitely no pics.

deb said...

I just hate it when I see a goof *after*. You know, when it's too late? Hmmmmm....a;though? Gee, ya think I could have meant although?