Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Week-at-a-Glance (and more)

It sounded like a good title until I started writing. Seems as some days are a bit of a blur. Maybe things will occur to me as I write.

SUNDAY......I slept in a bit and then watch NHPTV (New Hampshire Public Television). Jayne was part of a panel discussion. I taped the show. I skipped church so that I could catch up on business paperwork. In the afternoon, mom, Amanda and I drove to Salisbury, MA to buy an entertainment center for Amanda's bedroom. We had seen one there a couple weeks ago. Got there and debated and decided we really didn't care for it. Stopped at Tendercrop Farm in Newburyport on the way home. Mom wanted to pick up a couple things. Didn't have them! What a wasted afternoon LOL.

MONDAY.....Papers as usual. Then in the afternoon Bruce and Randy showed up to shovel the snow off the deck in preparation for the redo. A notice was left at the house that a box was waiting to be picked up at the post office. No one answered the door in the morning when they tried to deliver. Dad doesn't answer it any more. Mom was on errands. And papers as usual! Monday night the NHPTV show was on again so I made another tape of it for the police station. 24 was on TV at night.

TUESDAY.....First thing, had to give mom a ride home from the car service place. She left the mini van for windshield wiper repair. They wouldn't "park". Yeah, that's what they call it. Stopped at the post office to pick up the box of keys. Papers as usual (found a quarter). Then work, work, work. Tuning job at 3:30. Onni, Bruce, and Randy worked on the deck all day. It was looking great. However, the ramp that I built for the piano arriving would have to be moved as my mom redesigned where the "gate" opening would be causing more work for me, of course!

WEDNESDAY.....7 a.m. Onni, Bruce, and Randy return. And they finished all the deck today! It looks FANTASTIC! Papers as usual. Then I hauled all the trash up from the cellar to load up and head for the dump (transfer station). Before I left the power went out...evidently to 35,000 homes/businesses. Fortunately ours was back on within 5 minutes. Work and more work. Another set of keys arrived and I'm still working on the melodeon, too. And there have been another 3 emails for key work and one phone call. Then Danny from FL called and left a message. He's looking for some player piano parts. I haven't had chance to even look around for them yet. Big TV night. Special night for "Survivor" (yeah, I know...just mindless entertainment) and "Criminal Minds" (a favorite).

THURSDAY.....ahhh, today! Papers as usual, except, I'm really irritated about a particular customer who is refusing (sort of) to pay me. They owe for over a month's worth and simply will not answer the door (I've seen them head indoors when they see me coming). So, I got fed up, called the paper and canceled them for non-payment. pffft. Stopped by the police station to give Officer L the video on Internet Safety. He thanked me and told me that he had recently referred someone to WHOA. Yippeeeeeee! I'm so glad he thought of us. This is so helpful for the "victim", enabling them to have someone equipped to handle the situation for them. Came back home, hauled the "ramp" up from the cellar and reworked how it would fit. Then hauled it back down. It seems to get heavier each time! Work, work, on keys. Two sets all glued and waiting to be trimmed tomorrow. Arnold came to visit my folks. More on that in a bit.

in anticipation of Friday.....WORK
and Saturday.....WORK

A big MAYBE for Sunday.....a round trip to North Conway, NH. Arnold has decided to sell his "other" house. It is loaded with all sorts of furnishings, etc. He offered his Chickering grand piano to me, but well, thanks but no. There is some other stuff that my mom wants to buy from him and maybe I'll pick out a few small things. This will mean taking my dad on a 6 hour drive and managing to get him up the stairs at Arnold's house. We usual spend a night or two there but can't any longer because of my dad needing his "big" O2 machine. The portable ones aren't as good and only last a couple hours each. Dad's begun having more frequent pain from the lung cancer so we'll just see....

Maybe my piano will arrive *next* week. It's supposed to be a gorgeous week with sun and warm weather.


The Blogger Tutorial ;-)
WordPad *can* be used to write the blog. Type whatever in WordPad...on the keyboard simultaneously press the Ctrl key and the letter "a" key. This highlights all the text. Then simultaneously press the Ctrl key and the letter "c" key. This copies the text to an "unseen place" where it waits until you replace it with something else in the future. Open Blogger as if you were going to start typing a new post. Type your title. Locate the cursor like you are going to type the body of the post. Instead of typing, simultaneously press the Ctrl key and the letter "v" key. Magic! Your WordPad text should now be on your blog. You can use for moving text around all over the place.

This translates as Ctrl + A -> Ctrl + C -> Ctrl + V
You can work this with text from most any document, web page, email, to another.
More about selective copying....highlight the portion of the text you want to copy (rather than the whole thing) then Ctrl + C -> Ctrl + V to the new location.

This is only one way to copy/paste text.

HTML tags on the comment page in Blogger....
Actually typing the exact thing here may make it happen rather than illustrate the process. So...every time I use ( here, it means <> the comment field if you type....
(i) this text will be in italics(/i)
(b)this text will be bold print(/b)
(a)I think this is a link, not sure(/a)

Remember to replace the ( and ) with <> when actually doing this.

The really strange thing about this is that a couple years ago I knew none of this. Just a couple days ago I learned some of it. I *do* scare myself sometimes.

And the big disclaimer....try this stuff when it isn't something critical! I don't want to make anyone angry if they "lose" something (other than their minds).

It's late so there will be no proof-reading tonight. Apologies for any errors.


mary said...

Okay, I feel better! I so enjoy hearing about your days and what's happening even down to finding the quarter. I hope the trip to N.H. works out and that it is fun for your dad.

I know you know this but you are a true blessing in the lives of your folks. Although some days can get you down, I do believe you are doing God's work right there! We are the vehicles of His love and caring although you probably would like to be an eagle (as opposed to vehicle - sorry for the play on words) some days and fly with the wind!

You are one special person!

dickiebo said...

Ta very muchly so!
Am printing this out & will try it.

deb said...

Thanks, Mary, but I do wish I had more patience with the lot of them, Amanda included. And yes, I often would like to run away from home!

deb said...

Anytime, dickiebo! The learning curve...I just tried to answer Mary's comment before publishing yours. Then I wanted to publish yours and answer it. Didn't come out that way. Haven't a clue as to why. Ahhh, just looked at the publishes by time rather than the order that they are manually accepted (I have comment moderation).

dickiebo said...

How about this, Deb?
Probably won't work!

deb said...

Absolutely fantastic!
We are clever, aren't we? LOL

Now you are unstoppable!