Friday, March 09, 2007

My Two Cents Worth

Well, first off, the title. I found a whopping two pennies today. My former dad-in-law once said that he was working towards an hourly salary that would exceed the value of the time spent picking up "found" change. I figured it out. It took me 2 seconds to pick up one of the pennies. Your actual time may vary. So, at my rate, I would earn 30 cents/minute. This translates to $18 per hour. Why did I pick them up?


Amanda has been sick this week. Her patience is soooooo low. It makes her a whining pain in the rear. (I'm trying to be nice in my description)


As you may recall, I had caught up on a lot of work and decided to work on some house stuff. Every time that happens and I just get started on "non-work" stuff, comes in. Four sets of keys this week! I'm still working on the melodeon in between, and then some great to look forward to news........


FP called on Wednesday and asked, "Are you ready for that player piano?" YIPPEEEEEE! Our "jointly owned" 1910, 64/88 note, upright Baldwin player piano was loaded up for the trip north on Wednesday afternoon. It will make some transit stops before it arrives. I'm soooo excited. Thank you FP for letting me take care of it once again (and finish the work I started on it). Now while this is great news, it too created yet more work. Remember the new deck I wrote about and about creating "roll in" access for pianos and reed organs?


Thursday I took some measurements and headed for our local Ace Hardware and Smith Lumber. 3 - 2X4X8's, 2 - 1X6X8's, 1 - 4X8 19/32 exterior sheathing cut to 2 - 2X8's, and one box of 2" drywall screws (I had some 2.5s), for building the removable "bridge" from the right of way to the deck. I finished building it this morning. I've gone outside and prepared the fence section along the right of way for removal. Tomorrow, I'll buy 4 galvanized angle brackets. They will be installed on the fence posts and the rails will be drilled so that the section can be held in place by the insertion of four "pins". The entire section will be made removable. Then I'll be removing the larger section of decorative fence that is part of the deck. Later, when the new deck is built, there will be a gate in the deck section. Sometime in the next few days I'll haul the "bridge" up from the workshop and do a test fit, just in case any modifications are needed. So, when needed I'll have access by bridge, at all other times it will look exactly as it does now, fence intact, no bridge, a section of deck-fence that will swing like a gate.

Did I mention how excited I am? Thanks a million times over FP.

PS With this post I'm going use and try to remember to use in the future the "labels" feature offered with Blogspot.

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