Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blog Screw Ups and Life

First off....dickiebo left the following comment on my last post.

Good luck with the Sierra Tango! Don't forget to take your camera. Can't get the link to the Obit.

Now...I fixed the obit link, but dickiebo's comment disappeared. More than that, the whole "comment" option and count disappeared from the end of the post. Grrrrrr. I've just gone in circles trying to fix it and it won't fix.

My apologies. the same time I get an email request to change the time of the Estey meeting by about a half an hour. This is not a favorable omen for the upcoming week.

Tomorrow has suddenly gotten busy. Fold papers, go to town hall with Mom to get new resident stickers (for in town parking) and new dump stickers, call organ owner to update the time change, call prospective owner to confirm change, call newspaper to complain about some non-pay customers, deliver papers, work on melodeon to finish, Amanda to and from work, bank, pay bills, help mom balance her checkbook (for the six month in a row).

Anyway, today was Mother's Day. Relatively quiet. Gave my Mom a card and treated her to lunch at Ellen's. Got a nice card from Amanda and she bought my lunch (and her own). Amanda and I went for a walk by Loop Pond. Here are a couple pics.


dickiebo said...

Me comment has disappeared!
Just said that you should not get worked upon Mothers' Day. Nice place for a walk.
Clever person Barbara, wasn't she?

dickiebo said...

3rd time of trying!
Try not to get worked up on Mothers' Day dear.
Nice place for a walk.
Barbara seems to have been a very clever person.
(You will probably get this 3 times knowing my luck.)

deb said...

Oh my, my feeble brain is spinning this morning!

All agreed.

Does it go with the name? I've been triple B'd !

I think I need to get some coffee.