Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Hard to know exactly where to start this post. I honestly never expected to be writing this but I guess it goes to show how reading inspires!

The year was 1964. The exact date, I don't remember. I'm not a fanatic. At least not any more! I remember my mom yelling for me to come quickly and see what was on tv. It was the "Ed Sullivan Show" and there were four guys from England singing. They made quite an impression on folks here in the States. They were called "The Beatles".

After that show I began hearing them sing on the radio. My best friend and I each had a transistor radio that we could carry around with us. Just as cool as iPods! We were hooked on The Beatles. We bought records. Remember those? My first album was "Meet the Beatles". We bought everything Beatles. Magazines, collector's cards, lunch boxes, and on and on.

And......the best part birthday was (is) the same as Paul McCartney's! Yep, June 18.
Like the majority of girls around the world, I was in love! For several years my birthday cake would have written on it: Happy Birthday, Debbie and Paul. My whole family was in on the craze. Here's a page from my "Girl Scout" autograph book.

Another really cool thing was that my parent's opened our home to three British college students for the summer. Charlie, John, and Tony. Charlie is distantly related to my dad. "The boys" brought my second Beatles album. Literally. "The Second Album". The boys visited for two summers in a row and that made me one of the coolest kids around. With all the hype over the Beatles, actually having guys from England living at our house....well......

It does get even better.

We took a family vacation to England, Scotland, and Wales in June 1966. Yay! Beatles country! You notice it was in June. THE birthday month! So, what does deb want for her 11th birthday? We went to Liverpool AND the Cavern Club! Wow, what a birthday treat. And I even got to shake hands with the owner! I was ecstatic. Then we went shopping at a record store in Liverpool. I bought the British release of the album "Rubber Soul". That day ranks high on the memorable birthdays list! So here's the picture of dad and me on the stage of the Cavern Club nearly 41 years ago.

Boy, do I wish I still had all that Beatles stuff. I'd be having a blast with eBay!

Anyway, coincidence has it's weird methods. That's the reason behind this post. About a week ago I became tired of listening to my Max Morath - A Tribute to Bert Williams tape that has been repeatedly playing on my truck tape player. Thought I'd have a big change and pulled out a tape of the Rubber Soul album that Amanda made for me. Then dickiebo commented on his blog about the Beatles and, well, I had more to say than a comment on his blog would tolerate! And, BTW, Amanda likes the Beatles, too. Along with that, we both enjoy the Rolling Stones on occasion. Next she's got to hear the Moody Blues!


dickiebo said...

Aw shucks Deb. I can't believe that photo! What a luvly little gal!
Can't believe, either, about June 18th!!!**!! Blimey, 'tis my birthday too. (18 June 1938). Same year perhaps??? OK - only kidding about the year. Fellow Geminians. Taking coincidence a bit far, ain't it?
As stated in my blogs, 1966 was an awful year for me. 3 mates murdered, 1 killed, and over 200 children and their teachers buried alive in a coal slagheap landslide on their school. Place in the valleys called Aberfan.

deb said...

You ARE kidding with me, right? The 18th, really? If it's true we must be pushing the odds!

You were born just a tad before me, though.

Well, 1966 just happens to be the year that I first met my second husband. Of course just being children at the time we had no idea of that future (he was not quite 4 and I was 11). So, not to make light of your bad 66, but I guess the results of mine weren't good.

dickiebo said...

No kidding Deb. June 18th it is.
(I need another shed for my garden, so my son is going to give me some money towards it, for a birthday pressy).

deb said...

Okay, so this is sort of spooky!

For my birthday I'm hoping to get the rest of the lumber for the baseboards (skirting?) for my house. I'm doing all the interior finish work myself and all that's left is the upstairs woodwork and painting my daughter's room.

By the by, I found your blog from alicethearchitect. I found Alice's from a blog search on self-employed. See everything relates to work!

dickiebo said...

By the way, my daughter's name is Deb!!!!

deb said...


Sorry, just fell off my chair.