Friday, May 04, 2007

A Surprise

Yay, it's finally time! I can share the surprise.

But first a bit of background so you won't think I'm nuts. (pun intended)

Near the end of last summer, my friend, Jayne decided to take on the challenge of teaching her "resident" chipmunk to eat out of her hand. "Chippy" provided loads of entertainment, was a natural in front of the camera, and........trained quite well. By autumn, Jayne not only had him eating out of her hand, but off her shoulder as well. Photos on her blog joyfully showed her success winning over the newest member of the family.

Here at home, we had Chip and Dale (after the "Rescue Rangers" cartoon) and Shorty. We never took the time to train them to hand feeding, but enjoyed watching their antics and talked a lot of Chippy.

I decided that I would find a chipmunk "something" for Jayne for her birthday. Every store we went in I would look. In all the gift shops in Rockport there was no "Chippy".

The hunt for that perfect chipmunk gift got put aside when Jayne's husband died only three days before her birthday. And even weeks and weeks later I didn't know how she would feel about the Chippy stuff. Her husband had taken so many photos of Chippy with Jayne.

Then.....Jayne beat me to the "Chippy". She sent me a delightful stuffed animal. His name is Chip. I adore him! He watches over me as I sleep from his perch atop the tv in my bedroom.

So the challenge was on to find something for Jayne. I hunted and hunted once again but there was nothing.


The idea came to me.........................

All the photos that Jayne had posted on her blog. And one special one.
You see, I used to be an art teacher, they are, portraits of Chippy. I sent them to Jayne and she received them today so now I can publicly post them! Three 5X7 pencil sketches.....


"Dining on the Railing"

"The Hand that Feeds"

All sent for Jayne's "half" birthday. Hope she likes her birthday gift.


dickiebo said...

Nice one, Deb. Such talent, in one so young!!! I'm sure that Jayne loved them.

Off subject; browsing your sidebars, I see that you have a colleague/competitor in a place not far from you called Framingham - a Debra Cyr. I'm really 'finishing off' my US education thanks to your site. 'Bout time, too, I started it in school for my exams in 1954! Just can't be sure whether the Washington is East or West!

deb said...

Thanks. For the young comment, too!

My goodness, you are exploring the states! Distance is deceptive. When we have friends visiting from the UK for the first time, they usually have a list of sites they want to see. Washington D.C., New York City, and of course, Disney World. One way - Disney 3-4 day drive, NYC 4-5 hour drive, D.C. oh about 10 hours drive.

I thought you were staying out of the politics realm. How dare you inquire of Washington (south/southwest from here). Ah yes, tis the Queen's visit! I found it amusing that she went to Jamestown and the Kentucky Derby before saying HI to Bush. (However, I wouldn't give him the time of day.) politics.

dickiebo said...

I am saying nuthin'. I will not be drawn into the Pee word discussion. (Daren't. Annette would surely spot it and I'd be a gonna!).

deb said...

I'm very proud of your commitment to keeping your word.