Friday, May 25, 2007


Okay, folks, they're finally here! What, you ask? Pictures of our latest amusement. This is a just for fun post. And I expect you to look at ALL the photos as it took a good deal of patience to get Squirt to cooperate. So here's the star of the post. Squirt the Squirrel!

He's so adorable plotting his next move. He'd really like to be able to jump to a nearby bird feeder. It doesn't work though. My dad rigged the feeder so that squirrels fall off before they can get their little paws on a perch. Squirt has tried many times and continually makes a fool of himself.

So Squirt found a new restaurant. The giant copper sunflower feeder was really meant for the birds. Squirt loves it and works so hard at getting to it that we just watch in amusement. He has learned how to open the latch to the filler door, so we have had to tape it shut with duct tape. So far he hasn't been able to peel the tape off..... I'm sure he'll master that eventually. For the time being he hangs upside down to pull sunflower seeds through the mesh front.

It has been so much fun that I thought I'd try something different. I'm calling it the "Nut on a Half Shell" feast. The next few pictures are of Squirt devouring his new favorite treat. Walnuts. Still in the shell (I do get them well started towards being cracked open for him.)

"It's mine, all mine!"

"Don't you dare try to take it from me."


"I can't believe I ate the whole thing. My poor tummy."


mary said...

Squirt is adorable. Wonderful poses! And to think some people shoot them with guns not cameras!

dickiebo said...

I have always thought that in the States, you have very relaxed gun laws. So how come this pest is still around? - I think I know; you can't hit it, can you?

deb said...

How could anyone shoot a face like that?

And dickiebo, I've never fired a gun. Amanda's dad owned a couple and wanted to teach me. Rather not know.

Net Crimes & Misdemeanors said...

Aw, he makes Chippy look old and worn.

He is cute!

Annette said...

l agree with mary he's adorable.
We have two squirrels where we live, one grey ,one red.
The grey one comes up to you quite close but the red one runs away as soon as he sees you.
There lovely.

deb said...

Awww, Jayne, Chippy is still number 1 in my heart! And he's far more precious.

Annette, we don't have many red squirrels. Used to, but no more. Maybe dickiebo has been around here! (Really, I don't think he'd have the heart to shoot one) As I remember the red ones were a bit nasty compared to the gray.

dickiebo said...

Red ones are probably the female of the species then!

deb said...

Ooh, ooh, I'm tellin' Barbara!

I believe one of you on that side of the pond had a post about "gingers" awhile back.