Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bird's Egg and Week-at-a-Glance

Well, well. dickiebo has done it once again. He went a put a photo on his blog of his grandmother. And guess what? She's wearing my bird's egg brooch.

Not really.

At least I highly doubt it.

I hope...or that would be just too spooky. Here's mine.
This pin originated in England. It belonged to the mother of my former mother-in-law. DC sent an old, leather covered jewelry box filled with her mother's "costume" jewelry to my daughter. Amanda kept a couple pieces but didn't want the rest and gave me the box with all the other jewelry. I've worn quite a bit of it. Some of the pins, in particular, are quite exquisite. I also like and wear a few sets of earrings.

Now....dickiebo says that his gran's brooch disappeared. Hmmmmm. (just kidding)


I was to have a rather relaxing week after the long holiday weekend. I decided to redo the bath. I've been very displeased with the paint that I purchased locally and it is time to do something about it. So, prime the walls time once again. This meant removing the new wallpaper border. So much for palm trees there. Go here to see how it looked. I picked up paint samples today and have chosen a similar green, perhaps a shade lighter. This time a different paint company!

I won't get to start painting until late Friday or maybe over the weekend. I've got the player piano "guts" to work on, and a set of keys. Noontime, today, a music teacher from the local school called. They needed the Yamaha G1 on the stage tuned for a performance tonight. Talk about short notice. Tomorrow, Wednesday, I've got a Chickering grand to tune at a church in Gloucester. They have a wedding party that wants it tuned for the ceremony this weekend. Thursday I scheduled another "emergency" tuning for a piano teacher customer in Hamilton. She's got a student recital Thursday night and decided she wanted the piano tuned. After that I tune for another established customer here in Rockport.

I haven't mentioned mowing the lawn. Did that today. Yuck. I have allergies and the oak pollen has been horrendously high. The self-propelled mower with the ignition starter and the bagger wouldn't start. I hate this mower. It was purchased by my mom and dad for my mom to use. High hopes. She says it's too hard for her to maneuver. I rarely can get it to start. Supposed to be foolproof. Guess I'm the fool. Wouldn't start. Mom tried to supervise. Really wouldn't start! Mom still wanted the lawn mowed so I had to resort to the little electric mower. No self propel, no bagger, a royal pain in the you-know-where to keep avoiding the electric cord. Took twice as long and stirred up ALL THE POLLEN. Finished and took some Benadryl. I'm still sneezing and snuffling four hours later.


I officially quit as a lawn caretaker. I told my folks "no more". They are going to hire the job done. Yay! (sniff)

BTW, there are more boats in the harbor. Still waiting for the bigger sailboats to fill it in. The "Appledore" has arrived for the season of taking tourists out for a sail on a schooner. You can see the schooner tied up to Tuna Wharf, just to the right of Motif No. 1 in the second photo of the Sandy Bay webcam. Just click on the small image to enlarge it.


dickiebo said...

Aha! So that's what happened to Gran's brooch.
If u click on my picture, you'll see that it is just a tad different.
Blimey. I cut our lawns and guess what? Yea. Now got hay-fever!
Wheeze, wheeze.

deb said...

Yep, did. Yep, realize it. Thank goodness!

Still sneezing and sniffling, here. Should be great fun tuning today! Hardly slept last night due to it. Yuck.

dickiebo said...

What's the big, black blob that is blocking the top webcam?

deb said...

Don't know.

Seagull poop?

deb said...

All fixed. I saw Dan at dinner last night and asked him to check the camera next time he was at the yacht club. Voila'!

dickiebo said...

U never mentioned having dinner with Dan!! Anyway, I thought that the dark blob looked very much like Dan's thumb!

deb said...

You never asked..........a new post to come later. More sightseeing stuff for you!