Friday, August 03, 2007


Remember Grandma from my last post?

Then I read about dickiebo and his wife doing some ancestry research and...

Here's where my Grandma J (formerly Miller) lived on Troy Street, in Blackburn, England. The top photo was taken on our trip in 1966. Grandma's house was the second door up from the corner shop. The bottom photo is Grandma J as a child in front of the house taken approximately early 1900.


dickiebo said...

Blackburn? Blimey, that's amazing. Barbara's ancestors come from just a few miles down the road, Accrington. Most of them were members of the 'Accrington Pals' who were slaughtered in WW1. 3 brothers went 'over the top' together, and were immediately killed, and their other brother brought home their personal bibles. We have detailed research into their lives and are now in contact with distant cousins.

deb said...

Grandpa J also lived in Blackburn. Both families immigrated to the states when the children were young. They were cotton mill workers.