Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tonsa Turds

I just thought that this would be an appropriate post to follow the last one!

My mom and I were taking a scenic tour through the streets of Rockport the other evening. Just to annoy the tourists, and to try to get a pic of a local cop "out of cruiser" for dickiebo, I drove down to the end of Bearskin Neck and back. Always fun to inch up behind unsuspecting tourists who haven't a clue that cars are allowed, could've wiped out dozens (snicker). Anyway, we survived the trip out the "Neck" and headed up Main Street. For some reason, I looked over at the Art Association as we passed by, and lo and behold....Look Ma, giant turds! It's got to be an homage to all the freely roaming dogs of Rockport.

Here's another view...somewhat less turd-like. Yet I would like to make a couple comments. My camera was held straight to the world. The front lawn of the Art Association is sloped. Wouldn't you think that a professional would display this piece better. I really think that the whole thing should have been leveled in some manner or displayed directly on the grass (more snickers). Actually, I think the whole piece should at least be hidden indoors. Fantastic turd-like color, though!


mary said...

That is really funny! Was there a plaque or sign saying who did it? Maybe one of the giant dogs in town? But not our three. Seriously, what the heck is it supposed to symbolize. Someone's head with a hole in it? I know a few people in Washington who might have modeled for it. oops, sorry.

One would need a huge garbage bag to pick up that turd!
I have a few other remarks but probably not appropriate for the world to hear. I'm such a lady! NOT

deb said...

I probably should take a walk down tomorrow to see who I have insulted. I'm sure the artist's name and the title of the eh, piece of...artwork, are list on the exhibit sheet. I'm not much of a connoisseur of this genre. (How's that for artsy talk?)

mary said...

okay - what is it supposed to depict and who did it and how much is it? Where in the world would it look good?

Can't wait to get the low down!

deb said...

Ooooooops. Forgot to stop and find out. I was too busy looking for those evasive cops for dickiebo and dodging the d....tourists that won't give up an inch of sidewalk width. I did find a cop across the street from you (Mary, where were you?) I'll get to the Arts Ass....oops (yet appropriate for the work outside) this week and find out the info!